Monday, September 6, 2010


Thursday May 3rd 2007..a date that changed all our lives , for better or for worse, we are linked to the McCanns and their ‘alleged’ abduction.

The McCanns have achieved much since the death of their daughter. Money, fame and celebrity status.

They are now linked with the rich and famous. Gerry only days ago said ‘When one has celebrity status one must accept criticism. He was of course speaking about himself.

Gerry speaks as though he is a Movie Star, longing for the day when people ask for his Autograph. Yes, Madeleine your parents have done very well for themselves since they ‘Lost’ you.

Maddie you were the big sister to Sean and Amelie, lost, childhood years you would have shared,secrets you would have promised in the dark. Whispering and giggling at bedtime ‘Don’t tell mummy’

Memories of sharing a bath, bubbles and splashing and squealing when the soap stung  your eyes.

You had something in your lives that no one else could share,every child needs a big sister, a brothers OK….but a big sister , is so special.

Madeleine you have now missed many birthdays. On what would have been your fourth birthday your mum bought you a rag doll , she had long golden hair just like yours, your mum even took her to Church on the eve of your birthday. A Doctor Who cake waited for you in Rothley with four candles you would never blow out.

A star chart on a fridge telling of the nights you were a good girl and stayed in your own bed.

Madeleine, there would be no need anymore for a chart, or stars.

Time stood still Maddie for you May 3rd, when or how you died we will never know. But we do know you are gone forever.

Maddie for your brother and sister there will always be a space, a space that only you can fill.

A school, a coat peg, a desk and chair ….your laughter, your voice, all gone.

Sean and Amelie have their own lives now and in many ways different from your short time here on earth. They have both outlived you even at such a tender age. For you Maddie there will be no laughter, no tears,no secrets and no growing up together. There will be no memories to stay with you for life. Your siblings will have many friends through out their life but they will only ever have had one big sister. Madeleine Beth McCann….who tripped on a step boarding a plane and no one went to help her…..