Monday, September 6, 2010

The Baby Sitter

Matthew Oldfield said April 28th 'We dined at the Millennium because the tapas was closed.' This is true the tapas was closed but the group had paid into a package deal, the Millenium was part of that deal ,breakfast and evening meal.

All the other days they ate at the Tapas. From Sunday, April 29th to Thurday, May 3rd. 5 days, 5 dinners, at Tapas.

Lunch said Matthew, would be eaten in a group, this included the children, Payne’s apartment commonly used, due to its larger size. Matthew also explained the first booking made for dinner at the Tapas, which was for Sunday night, was made by O'Brian, but he is not sure.

Matt clarifies, Monday morning his wife Rachael, undertook such reservations, adding still that it would have been for all the remaining days except for Friday 4th May, as a Tennis Club dinner for that night had been planned.

Jane Tanner also confirms the booking was permanent for 20h30...until the end of the stay.

 Dr.Gerald McCann during an interview said about the night of  'Why did you not come when we were crying'  'we did not even know  even know if we could get into the Tapas. (This is a blatant lie if the others are telling the truth, but are they? )

Each evening it seems someone from the group had a bout of sickness. Fiona in her statement, said someone, every night was sick. ( If Paulo Rebelo was right in his assumption and seven children were together, the person who 'claimed sick' would have stayed with the children. There of course being no sickness at all, it was taken in turn to sit with the children...leading to the conclusion there was no neglect. One was a bay sitter)

Gerry McCann said that Sunday lunch was spent in the apartment of Payne except for Matt , who it appears was the first to be 'sick'. Matt also did not attend Sunday dinner. Matt would have been the baby sitter for Sunday night.

Dianne Webster said there was no need for the Paynes to check on their children as they had a baby monitor
Dr.McCann thinks on Wednesday David Payne checked on the McCanns children but he is not sure.It is odd that this generosity was only extended to the McCann children as we have already been told the Paynes did not need to check their own.

Monday and Tuesday evening seemed to have caused some confusion. Dr. McCann does not remember which of these days Madeleine had slept for sometime in his room with Kate, who had told him one or both of the twins were crying.

Russel and Tanner also suffered from a bout of amnesia about these dates. Russell said in his statement “I remember the night well as it is the only night we were together”. But then Russel does admit defeat because he and Jane are unsure if this was Monday or Tuesday evening they were all together.

(Monday, someone was away from the table, Rachael has said she was not at dinner on Tuesday. Sunday, was Matts turn. )

(This goes well with the theory of Paulo Rebelo, the group cannot say they were all together at the table at the same time because this never happened  and they could not guarantee an observant waiter would make a statement to this effect., always someone was missing and that someone was the chosen baby sitter for the evening)

Miss Najova Chekaya., Quizz mistress, invited by Gerry Mccann to sit at his table.  May 2nd, the same night Mrs.Fenn heard a child screaming, only one child which meant the twins were either very heavy sleepers or not in the apartment.
Miss Chekaya sat with the group for about 20 minutes enjoying a drink. She does not know whether Madeleines mother Kate was there.

.Najova said she sat at the table about 9.30... No one left while she was there including Madeleine’s father. She did notice an empty chair of someone who had had dinner and left.

Kate’s witness statement is clear for the night Tues May 1st...She and Gerry checked the children twice each: 9.00 pm... 9.30 pm... 10.00 pm.. and 10.30 pm... ( Out of complete character then on May 3rd others from the group start to check McCanns children when Dianne Webster had already said each was resposible for checking their own.

Najova was shown photographs of the group and Miss Chekaya is unsure if David Payne was present or not...leading once again to justified doubts of a table of nine.

Wednesday May 2nd, Rachael Oldfield was feeling unwell and stayed in her apartment all night.

 (Or baby sitting)

Her husband Matt was at the restaurant. Wednesday 2nd May... they all remember staying late for a drink at the bar. They did not return to their apartments until close to midnight.