Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What the Maid saw.

Ocean Club employee, Maria Julia de Silva , and what she noticed the morning of Wednesday May 2nd. 2007

Maria cleaned the apartment the day before Madeleine disappeared.

She remembers that when she entered Apartment 5A on the Wednesday, the parents were inside.

After being duly authorized, she entered and carried out her work, because they were already on their way out.

While she was in the apartment, there were no children there, and she supposed that they were in the creche.

While performing her work, she remembers having noticed that the couple were sleeping in the room located opposite the entrance, where she confirmed the presence of a child's bed (crib) or cot.

The room gives onto an outdoor garden by means of a terrace, as it is on the ground floor,.

In the room next to the entrance to the apartment there was a bed placed next to the wall (where she supposed the missing child slept), and also the second child's bed (crib).

All these beds were untidy at the time, meaning that they had been used.

She also declares that in the room next to the entrance was another bed that had not been used.

Maria Julia de Silva noticed something of great importance. The cots, one being in the parents room and the other in the room Maria presumed Madeleine had slept.

The following evening May 3rd, both cots were together in the same room.


Silvia is responsible for maintenance in ‘The Ocean Club’

Silvia said she was alerted about the disappearance of Madeleine between 22.30 and 23:00. She was at home and was informed of the event via a telephone call.

She drove immediately to the Ocean Club where she arrived a few minutes before elements of the GNR (Local Police) popped in.

After she arrived she went immediately to the apartment 5A where she found several people inside the apartment and outside of it.

She entered the flat but soon left without having spoken with anyone, because she was informed that elements of the GNR (Local Police )were in the principal reception. She went there to meet them.

When she came close to the elements of the GNR (Local Police) she found that behind her was

Gerry, Madeleine's father, accompanied by another man whose identity she doesn't remember.

Then Gerry kneeled down, hit the floor with both hands, positioning himself as if he were a praying Arab, and screamed twice of anger, what he said being impossible to understand.

Then Gerry stood up and accompanied her (the witness) and the other man in the car of the GNR to apartment 5A.

Silvia entered the apartment and asked for the passports of all elements of the family, and also photographs of the missing girl.

She went with Gerry to the GNR car to hand over the requested documents. She mentions she did this, as well as other tasks, at the request of the GNR Commandant, because she could translate their questions and the missing girl's family's answers.

She remembers Gerry gave the Commandant several photographs of the missing girl.

They were postcard-like pictures, taking into account their size and shape and seemed all the same to her.

(Strange they were so quick to have Madeleines photographs ready to give to the police when thoughts were still the child could have wandered off, it would appear abduction had been decided before the police had even arrived)

Silvia understood also, that since the very beginning either Gerry or the others insisted on stating that Madeleine had been snatched, all using the word abducted” instead of MISSING, and all showing much interest in informing the press of the situation.

She also recalls entering the room where Madeleine should be sleeping and remembers now that the door was closed.

The room was dark. The blinds were down, some light entering through their holes.

The windows were closed and the curtains slightly open.

Gerry, who followed her and the elements of the GNR, said he did close the window because of the babies sleeping in the room, a fact she confirms. (Silvia is confirming the twins were in the room, she did not see the window open, in fact no one saw this window open as Kate could not force the heavy metal shutter, as Dianne Webster had already confirmed)

Explaining why it was only Kates fingerprints found.

Silvia recalls that the beds which were in the middle of the room and used by the babies were aligned and therefore found it strange that someone had taken Madeleine from the bed where she would be sleeping and had gone to the window because there was no space to pass.

Silvia opened the wardrobes of that room in order to confirm that Madeleine wasn't eventually hiding there.

Then everyone left the room and someone shut the door.

She remained for some time in the living room, near the GNR elements, Gerry and other elements of the group who went in and out and spoke on their cellular phones.

She observed that none of the elements of the group including the father and mother of the child was concerned with looking for her.

The mother was sitting on the bed of her room, the father was with her (the witness) and the elements of the GNR, and other elements of the group went in and out and spoke on the phone, anxious, in her opinion, to tell the press what had happened

The parents were also very anxious to tell family and friends back in England that Apartment 5A had been broken into...The shutters were smashed and Jemmied...

A blatant lie there was no break in nor any sign of any smashed or jemmied shutters.

Silvia Batista was in the room with Gerry and GNR and at no time does Silvia mention she noticed a broken shutter or Gerry mentioning this to GNR.

The British press on May 4th 2007 were reporting a break-in and the abduction of three year old Madeleine Beth McCann. The McCanns had spent the night phoning friends in England to tell them lies
When questioned, he said that on the day they arrived, April 28, they removed two cribs that were in their room, and placed them in Madeleine's room. He is unable to confirm but possibly there were three cribs.

(Dr.McCann a born liar, he just cannot help himself. The maid was there when two cots arrived May 28th)
It is not true that on a certain day they placed one crib in their room, leaving the other in Madeleine's room. (Another lie)

This is from Kate Healys Police statement May 4th, 2007

The apartment has two beds in one bedroom, and two in another where there are also two cots on loan from the Ocean Club.

The interviewee and her husband sleep in one bedroom and the three children in the other. The twins sleep in cots, Madeleine in a normal bed, the other bed staying empty.

Note:: Kate does not mention a third cot....

Maria Julia de Silva has already confirmed Saturday 28th April, only two cots arrived at apartment 5A.

Maria also confirms the two cots May 2nd ,were in seperate rooms.

Maria had by May 2007 worked for ‘The Ocean Club’ for thirteen years. A trusted employee .