Monday, September 6, 2010

A Mother

Kate Marie Healy dry eyed, asked without emotion to no one in particular ‘Please do not harm her,please do not hurt her.' Kate, wearing light make up, a flick of mascara, licked already moistened lips… golden hair freshly washed and framing her face made her first oscar performance. Kate dressed and ready to face the world, her face to become more famous than Lady Diana.  There is one large difference to seperate these two women. Diana was a mother, Kate Healy is not .
There,on National TV stood a woman, a mother, who was proud of the fact she had left toddlers alone because she claimed to have received thousands of letters saying ‘Don’t worry Kate, we have all done it’.

This woman, who we have yet to see shed a tear, red swollen eyes or dark shadows from lack of sleep. This woman wanted to look good for her audience into whose homes she has become so well known, like it or not she is there and invades our privacy….like a bad marriage without the income.

Kate has never cried for Madeleine, the simple reason,  she cannot. Kate is without emotion, an ice queen. When questioned about the night’ Why did you not come when we were crying’ her natural reaction was to raise her hands fist like and perform a grab and shake movement. Not quite the response from a loving mother.

Kate told her mother if she had large breasts and a heavier build she would attract more sympathy. Kate an only child, a daddys girl, only thinks of herself and her selfish needs. Some say in the latest interview from Portugal, Kate looks strained and tired of the lies. Kate has always been a liar, a bad one but a liar none the less. Gerald McCann is her lap dog and will remain so, what Kate wants Kate gets.
BBC Radio have decided mother earth should invade our homes on ‘Mothering Sunday’ Kate will once again try to show emotion she does not feel, for a daughter who has now been dead nearly three years. Madeleine does not have a resting place to call her own, a place where her siblings can leave flowers or say a prayer, does this bother her mother Kate Healy as such a special day approaches? Kate will be as usual thinking of herself and the words she will say to an audience tired of her lies, tired of her third rate acting.

For those of you lucky enough to still have your mums, you will be busy buying gifts and cards for your special lady.
While doing so, remember a mother who has given life, may have also taken it away.

If ever a woman was born not to be a mum, it was Kate Marie Healy.