Monday, September 6, 2010


9.15 pm May 3rd  , Gerry met with Jez Wilkins. Wilkins said they spoke for a few moments, Gerry told him ‘If they had not been on holiday with friends , they would not have left the children .'

By these very words Gerry had already distanced himself from the death of his daughter, it was not his fault but his friends.

The McCanns have never admitted they played any part in what happened to Madeleine. It is everyones fault but their own.

There was a plan for May 3rd but Jez Wilkins was an unforeseen ‘spanner in the works’

McCann had been seen outside apartment 5a and an explanation was needed as to what he was doing there. Later, this would explain the torn book and hurried timeline. Everything had to now fit around Jez Wilkins. The timeline, quickly thought up about checking children but was nothing more than an alibi for Gerry McCann.

Nerves of steel must have been needed to carry out their plan. Nothing must change, they must all do the same as they had the nights before. No one, until the alarm was raised must act in a suspicious way.
Staff members on May 3rd knew nothing of beating and pulsating hearts, as the group ordered their meals and drinks.
Staff Members and what they remember.

Ricardo Oliveira : Waiter


He remembers May 3rd, one of the guests left the table for ten minutes, he was about to serve their starter and was told to hold it for a few minutes….but it was 15 minutes before this guest returned around 21.45.

Jeronimo Salcedas


He remembers the bookings were always 20.30-21.00 pm they consumed on average 8 bottles of wine (4 red,4white).

Jeronimo said at roughly 10.20-10.30 an older woman remained at the table. He joked with her about being left on her own. The woman told him they had gone to an apartment looking for a missing child. Moments later McCann appeared looking around the pool for his daughter.

John Sholto Young: Waiter: Millenium Restaurant


He recognised the McCanns immediately, he had seen them having breakfast where he works.

Paula Cristina : Cleaner Millenium


Remembers the McCanns well, she saw them twice having breakfast between 9.30 – 10.00

in the Millenium

She explains how she remembers the time because these are her working hours.

Luis Miguel de Sousa Barris Barman: Millenium


He remembered nine adults and eight children on 28th April, dining in the Millenium.

He also remembers they had breakfast every day in the Millenium. (McCanns deny this and said they had breakfast each day  in the apartment)

Nelson Luis : Millenium Restaurant


They ate breakfast every day, he knew this from colleagues.

Tiago Rochas Barreiros : Ocean Club


The payment for alcohol, not included in the vacation package, was paid by credit card (McCanns deny having credit cards)
This payment made by random members of the group.

The entire group were included in the half pension regime. BREAKFAST and DINNER.

All aperitifs and after dinner drink were paid separately, using the credit card

Joaquim Baptista: Waiter


He remembers May 3rd. The group arrived between 8 – 9 pm. he remembers there being about nine people. He states he received the food orders from the group. Later between 10.00-10.30 he was informed a child was missing. (he is not clear if all the group, later known as the tapas were present)

There was a plan in place, but not the plan we now know.It would have been something far more spectacular. Gerry McCann should not have been least not yet and certainly not by Jez Wilkins.

(Later the pressure on Mr.Gordon and Mr.Wilkins was intense ).

Paul Anthony Gordon who left apartment 5a the day the McCanns arrived.
Quote from his statement.

I want to add that since January this year I have received numerous

phone calls, messages and visits from the press regarding the collector

of donations, which in turn put me in contact with other people such as

Brian Kennedy, Kate and Gerry McCann. I feel that this is a constraint

that makes it difficult to take the more correct decision.

I tried always to cooperate with the police in every way possible,

telephoning them at the first available opportunity as soon as the news

broke about the disappearance of Madeleine. There are certain times when

I feel like a pawn in chess.