Monday, September 6, 2010

Cots without bedding

Was simulated neglect a package deal along with simulated abduction ?
The independent witness statement of Mrs.Pamela Fenn, who heard a child Tuesday,.May 1st, crying for much longer than one hour, screaming daddy,daddy. One child only, she is clear on this and not the siblings of Madeleine. Two reasons, the twins were sedated or not in the apartment.


Spent one christmas with her Grandmother ,Gerrys mum ,Mrs McCann said of her grandaughter ‘That girl could pull a tantrum. If anyone had tried to take her she would have screamed her head off. She would have had to be drugged’

Dr.K.Gaspar said:

Madeleine went off with the Paynes so that Kate and Gerry may spend time with the twins.

Madeleine : A star chart in Rothley. Madeleine would receive a star for everynight she stayed in bed and did not disturb her parents.

Gerry, however said Madeleine would come to our room because the twins would wake her ?

Madeleine it seems had a sleep problem . Maddie had her own room in Rothley but now she was sleeping with the twins ( or was she ?)
Madeleine sedated and while she slept the twins were taken to be with the rest of the children? Paulo Rebelo said seven children were together but did not mention where he thought the eigth child was. The eigth child being Madeleine? and explaining Mrs.Fenns hearing only the one child.

Madeleine it seems was not sedated enough on Tues May 1st, she woke and found herself truly alone. There was no mum and dad, no brother or sister , she was terrified and she screamed and screamed.

McCanns would not know Mrs.Fenn heard Madeleine that evening as she did not speak with them about her concerns. Had she done so maybe Madeleine would be alive today, who knows. (Gerry denied Madeleine cried for any length of time that evening, but Dr.McCann denies everything ,except for his truth)
Kate in her witness statement said she covered the twins with open weave blankets before leaving the apartment.

Charlotte had forgotten her lies in her witnesss statement and told the truth when excited by being in a newspaper , she said 'There were no children in the room '

When GNR arrived, the twins, heavily asleep without blankets in their cots... Kate returned the twins after Charlotte had left but forgot the open weave blankets, explaining the remark from Goncalo Amaral , cots without bedding.