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Jennifer Murats son Robert ,was made an arguido May 15th, 12 days after Maddie vanished. Jennifer, like her son reads and speaks Portuguese fluently. Jennifer said she heard the news about Madeleine from her daughter Samantha, who lives in Exeter. Samantha telephoned her mother.
Jennifer also the same day May 15th, made a police statement. However, Jennifers statement reads more like her life story.  We hear of Robert at just one month old . She speaks of property in ruins and the rebuiding of... Jennifer also speaks of Roberts personal life, the breakdown of his marriage to Dawn and mentions his daughter.

Jennifer even discusses Roberts sex life, or lack of ,as she told him not to bring anyone back to the house to ‘sleep’..
Roberts widowed mother then goes back in time to speak of Roberts eye injury and an injury to his knee when a child.

Jennifer then seems to remember the reason for being at the Police Station,she tells her story. Because she had been in Portugal for a long time and knew many people she decided to mount a ‘post’ to collect information in order to be able to determine things about the subject and thus could channel them to the competent authorities.

For three days ( Fri. 11/05 Sat. 12/05 and Sun 13/05) she was at the post mounted near to the cinema . Having obtained some information,  she passed this onto Robert who, in turn, gave it to the police.

Her idea was to try to sensitise people not to feel intimidated by the presence of Police and lead them to give all the information they knew.

(This was a police investigation , an elderly lady is allowed to collect information and pass onto her son who in turn passes onto police.)

Jennifer, turns to the night in question May 3rd 2007. Jennifer says she was at home all night with her son. About 19h50 she went to ‘Batista’ supermarket to buy bread. This is Jennifers police statement. However, in inteviews she has said that she returned at 20.00 after walking her dogs, returning to the house the same time as Robert.

Later,having also eaten,they sat in the kitchen talking long into the night. Finally ,at almost midnight they went to their rooms.

Jennifer is questioned a little more and she explains that while they were talking in the kitchen, she recalls having heard a siren ringing at least once. Although not usual,she also did not ‘connect’ because it could possibly have been an Ambulance.

Robert Murat told Martin Brunt that he too heard a siren that night. Martin while in PDL did two things ,he asked everyone who knew Murat if they had seen him the night of the 3rd. no one had seen Robert that night. He also asked everyone he could find if they had heard a siren that night. No ,he found no one who had heard a siren.

Jennifer Murat has accused Metodo 3 of bribing witnesses ,to change their accounts and has said she fears they are working to frame her son.

Jennifer also testified to the BBC’s Panorama programme that her son had never left the Villa and branded the McCanns friends ‘liars
The Murats home Casa Lilianas garden was dug up, the pool drained. Nothing was found.

Robert Murat said 'this is the biggest fuck up on the planet'
The meeting with Brian Kennedy, the McCanns backer and Robert Murat even stranger.

What they spoke of we shall never know., but we can rest assured it was about everyone keeping their mouths shut.

Did Jennifer try to help the McCanns in some way ?, did she do something illegal out of kindness. Two different stories as to why she was not at home before 8 pm…

Was Robert Murat framed to silence his mother?

The only alibi between mother and son is they both heard a siren just before 10.30 pm.


Robert Murat lived at the time with his mother Jennifer, both speak fluent Portuguese. It may be this fact and this fact alone that got Robert into so much trouble. Had Robert not offered his services as a translator he may never have been made an arguido (official suspect).

Robert claimed the evening of May 3rd, was spent at home with his mother .

Three of the McCanns friends say however, they saw him standing outside the McCanns apartment.

Jane Tanner, who at first said she did not get a clear description of the man but would recognise him again because of the way he walked later said she was almost certain that the man she had visualized for a few seconds was in fact Robert Murat .

Russell O’Brian (Jane Tanners partner) Rachael Oldfield and Fiona Payne were all called back to Portugal by Portuguese police at a later date to confront Robert Murat, the conversation grew heated as ALL three called Robert a liar.

The British media, one reporter in particular, grew suspicious of Robert and informed the police, he was likened to child killer Ian Huntley, a dreadful case in England back in August 2002, Huntley, had murdered two young girls.

Robert was placed under surveillance and his phone was tapped.

Skys crime reporter Martin Brunt spent most of his time covering the case and asked many people who searched that night if anyone saw Robert, they all said no. Robert was well known and if he had been there he would have been remembered.

Police knocked on the door of Murat’s mothers home , Villa Casa Liliana, at 7am May 14th, 2007. Robert was interrogated for 19 hours.

The Villa sealed off and searched, the swimming pool drained. Murats computer was seized and two cars were examined. May 15th Murat was declared an arguido.

Robert, who went to school in Portugal, says: “I have always enjoyed helping people, it’s who I am”. In England, where he lived for 15 years and worked as a car salesman, he also cooperated with the British authorities. “I worked as a translator, for the police and at the court.” Robert goes on to say

Three of the McCanns’ friends were at the PJ, saying that they had seen me there, that night [May 3, 2007]. What I ask is why did they lie?”.

“I have a daughter, too”, says Robert Murat, remembering Sofia, aged seven, who lives in England with her mother. “My family also victims – the journalists invaded the area where they live, and the British police had to take my daughter to a safe place.” His ex-wife, he says, “even received an offer of 220 thousand euros to give an interview saying that I was a paedophile”.

"I am an innocent man. I am not a paedophile or any of the other things I have been called. I have done nothing wrong. I wake up with this nightmare every morning and I go to bed with it every night."

Robert sued thirteen British newspaper although has not disclosed the amount he received in compensation.

Robert has also been offered large amounts of money to tell his side of the story but has refused.

He has received a letter containing a death threat, written in English posted from France.

More than three years have now passed , Robert has married and trying to get on with his life.

And what of Jane Tanner, her later statements seem to back off from her original account of thinking Robert Murat abducted Madeleine, now she is not sure. Even so Murat is suing her. The case is in Portugal and because of the secrecy laws we may never know the outcome.

FROM the Police File.

By the first confronter, RACHEL MARIAMMA JEAN MAMPILLY it was said that she confirms her deposition recorded at pages 1212 ff. of the case file, namely that she saw the defendant present in this confrontation at about 23h30 on 03 May 2007 in the circumstances that she makes clear in the [above] document.

---- By the second confronter, RUSSEL JAMES O'BRIEN it was said that he confirms his testimony recorded in pages 1320 and 1321, specifically when it states that he saw the defendant ROBERT MURAT on the night on which occurred the events now under investigation, that is on the night on which Madeleine disappeared, about 01:00 in the early hours of 04 May last, [and] in all the rest he confirms his testimony in what it says with respect to the contact that he had with the defendant.

---- By the third confronter, FIONA ELAINE PAYNE it was said that she confirms her testimony recorded in pages 1323 and 1324, namely when it states that she saw the defendant for the first time, personally, on the night of 03 May about 23h30 outside, next to the door of the McCann apartment in the company of officers of the GNR that in the meantime had already arrived at the place. In all the rest she confirms the "circumstantionalism" [all encompassing circumstances] of the approach that she made to the defendant.

---- By the fourth confronter the accused ROBERT JAMES QUERIOL EVELEIGH MURAT it was said that it is a lie [fabrication] what the other confronters had said because on that night of the disappearance of Madeleine he was not nor had been in that place, not having on the night of 03 May 2007 even gone out of [left] his house.

---- Nothing else was declared by the confronters, this document having been read to them they found it conforms (with their statements made) it is going to be signed by all the participants.


Fiona Payne says she saw MURAT with GNR offices (local police) NO GNR officer has come forward to say they were with or saw Robert Murat that night....