Monday, September 6, 2010

The Apartment

According  to Charlotte's 15 minutes of fame,  the twins were not in the Apartment on May 3rd.

 No one checked the apartment because there was no need , the twins were sleeping somewhere else. Therefore, only one possible reason Gerry McCann returned to the flat just after 9 p.m. and that reason was to move Madeleines body and create a scene for an abduction.

The scent of cadaver picked up in the flower bed below the window, has always been puzzling and hard to fit any scenario. Except, maybe this one, Gerry at the top of the stairs spots Jeremy Wilkins. Gerry, a quick thinker and devious by nature,quickly rushed down the stairs and placed the lifeless body of Madeleine in the flower bed.

Jeremy in his statement  said his son was fussy and restless he would not sleep. He also said he was busy with his son and would not have noticed if anyone had been at the end of the road. Wilkins saw Gerry on the other side of the road between 8.45/9.15 pm…Wilkins did not know if Gerry was coming or going from the apartment he only knows what Gerry has told him. They chat for a few minutes.Gerrys behaviour perfectly normal. The two men both go their seperate ways.

Gerry checks to make sure Wilkins is out of sight and returns to get Madeleine. Time has been lost, if the plan was to smash the shutter from outside it was now too late, the alarm was to be raised at 10p.m. Gerry needed to hurry.

Gerry fastened his pace and saw a family walking along the street. ( Smith family.)

Mr.Smith noticed the man was Caucasian 175-180m in height. 35-34 years of age. Short basic cut brown hair.The man was wearing beige trousers. He adds that he did not hold the child in a comfortable position. He also noticed her skin was ‘Very White’. and her arms straight down by her sides.

No one knows when Madeleine died or how, but we do know that she is dead. Rigor Mortis is latin for ‘stiffness of death’ this appears usually within the first four hours. The Smith statement  mentions the position of the  childs arms, straight and by her sides. Mr.Smith has mentioned the child looked awkward in the mans arms, possibly rigor mortis was already taking place(.Mr.Smith would not have been aware he was looking at a dead child.)

Nysten’s Law

In 1812, a French pediatrician named Pierre Nysten recorded his observation that rigor mortis follows a downward progression that begins in the upper region of the body, around the face and head, and travels in a set pattern down to the rest of body and the extremities. Known as Nysten’s law, this principle likely reflects the fact that rigor mortis — while affecting all muscles in the same way at the same time — becomes noticeable first in small muscle groups, such as those around the eyes, mouth and jaws, and becomes pronounced somewhat later in the larger muscles of the lower limbs.

What happened next and where Gerry took Madeleine we will never know.

Everything had gone wrong. Gerry had been seen.

The chaos that followed, ripping a childs book to write an alibi ….. having nothing whatsoever to do with checking children.

Jane Tanner, claiming to have seen someone with a child, egg head to later become dark and swarthy .

Had the abduction truly taken place and Mr. Smith had seen the abductor with Madeleine… instead of Gerry, the McCanns would have been cleared of all suspicion. The one true sighting the McCanns have chosen to ignore. A red herring? possibly, but unlikely.

When Gerry returned to PDL for his documentary he had no choice but to also include the Smith sighting. Gerry the director decided to change a few things. Jane Tanner in floods of tears refuting where Gerry now said he stood outside  the apartment . Gerry also changed Martin Smiths witness statement. Mr.Smith was very specific when describing the position of the childs head,resting on the mans shoulder. Gerry re-positioned the child to match Tanners story . Why?

 A possible reason...

Martin Smith after watching the McCanns on the news  9th September 2007, when they returned to the U.K.

Telephoned police and said..

He has not slept and is worried sick. He states he was watching the 10 pm news on BBC and saw the McCanns getting off the plane and coming down the steps. He states it was like watching an action replay of the night he saw the male carrying the child back in Portugal. He states the way Gerry was carrying his twin triggered something in his head. It was exactly the same way and look of the other male seen the night Maddy went missing. He also watched ITV news and SKY news and inferred it looked like the same person both times carrying the children. Is asking a member of the OP Task Force to ring him back. He was with a group of 9 family and friends the night he saw the male in Portugal. He sounded quite shaken and worried whilst speaking to me.

Gerry McCann in this interview jokes the abductor was almost caught. By whom he is asked...???

Jane he replies….by Jane .