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Processos Volume XIII, Pages 3909-3915 3909-3915
To: Ricard PaivaFrom: DC 1756 Mike MARSHALLRef: David PayneDate: October 24, 2007
Leicester Police ConstabularyRicardo,

As requested, appended are the statements of Arul and Katherina Gaspar. I read with curiosity the written statements given by David Payne but was not able to extricate any other information besides what is already known.

He declares that he saw Madeleine, for the last time, at 17H00 on 3/5/07 in the McCann apartment. Also present there were Kate and Gerry.

He did not indicate the motive for being there or what he was doing. He also cannot indicate how long he stayed. When asked with whom he was on the afternoon of May 3rd, he declares that this information was already offered to the police and cannot remember if anyone else was there. He does not remember what he was wearing that afternoon.

He took part in the searches, having carried out most of them alone. He was at times accompanied by Matthew Oldfield. He did not partake in the searches carried out on the 4th of May, because, on this day, he spent to majority of time in the police headquarters.

For many questions, he does not give a complete response, affirming simply that he has already given this information to the Portuguese police in his declarations.

I examined once again the declarations of Fiona Payne. In her statements, she states that she went to the McCann apartment, around 19H00, on the 3rd of May, together with Kate.

She states afterwards that, 10 minutes later, the husband arrived; it is not clear which husband she refers to. Her responses to the questions are vague. She continued to respond to questions with “they conform with my earlier statement” or some similar statement.

D.C. Mike Marshalls comments to Ricard Pavo..attached to the Gaspar statements..
A Leicestershire Police Officer and his doubts written for the attention of Ricard Pavo. Ricard who Gerry McCann has called a liar.
I once again decided to look through the Gaspar statements as though seeing them for the first time.

Arul Gaspar, along with his wife wished to give a statement to Police. They had concerns and possible information that could help in the case of Madeleine McCann.

Arul Gaspar in his statement talks of his friendship with the McCanns. They would chat on the phone exchange e.mails and meet up four times a year to spend week-ends together. Between 2001-2005 they were in contact and went to each others homes.

In the year 2005, a holiday was planned. This was to include three other couples including the McCanns. Arul is clear ,he had not met the other couples before. Madeleine was almost two years and the twins six months.

He goes on, the other couples were Fiona and David Payne and Stuart and Tara, Arul cannot remember their surname.

One large Villa was rented in Majorca arranged by David Payne ,they would all spend their holidays together. The Gaspars only managing one week.

Arul Gaspar says in his statement he remembers the gesture, but adds we did not comment on this and I thought no more about it. Arul states he has not spoken with David or Fiona since 2005.

Katherine Gaspar has a better memory than her husband. However, she too speaks of the great friendship with the McCanns. The weekends spent together. In between the year 2002-2003 Katherine mentions a week-end together spent with the McCanns in Devon.

September 2005 the Gaspars went to Majorca with their (at the time) wonderful friends the McCanns and two other couples ,who she had yet to meet. Katherine mentions David and Fiona Payne who she believes were married. (Same name ,good assumption) also mentioning Tara and Stuart again like her husband cannot remember their surname.

Katherine was sitting in between David and Gerry, they were having a conversation.

This is where I have a problem, the placing of Katherine, to see both she would have a had to turn to face one and then turn back to face the other, plus the rudeness of holding a conversation whilst someone is in the centre of you both being ignored.

Dr.K.Gaspar claims to have witnessed these same actions at a later date, this made her more anxious, so anxious ,she mentioned to her husband Arul to watch the children at bath time. It seems David was one of the chaps who used to bathe the children.  Katherine, so concerned about David Payne, still let him bathe her child is a mystery.

 Katherine claims to have seen the McCanns only once after this holiday, at a childs birthday party. There were no more week-ends away and no more holidays.

Dr.Arul Gaspar has not mentioned in his statement the concerns of his wife about Payne and bathing their child.  The reason could be that these words were never spoken, or if they were he does not remember.
Katherine also mentions she thought David may have been interested in looking at children on the Internet, she had thoughts of paedophilia.

May 2007 another holiday was planned with a group of Doctors , the Gaspars were not among this group.

Dr.Arul Gaspar said they had not seen the Paynes again because they were friends of the McCanns and no other  reason.The Gaspars , although having spent time with the Paynes under the same roof , David ,who had bathed their child was not considered a friend.

The Gaspar statements, when you read them speak of a friendship a friendship that has died. Someone else had taken their place. The Paynes. Arul said, David was great with the children he was fun, he saw nothing to make him suspicious.

Katherine when she walked into the police station that day, did she walk in as a truly concerned parent who had doubts about David Payne?..Or were her motives out of spite?..When giving her statement ,the Detective would have noticed her demeanor. Most of her statement has little to do with Madeleine but a lot to do with her dislike of David Payne. I would imagine this was noticed by the police and the possible reason it was not forwarded on to PJ…A woman scorned and using the most wicked way to get back at the couple who had taken her place? Even if this was the case and I do not suggest it is so this information should have been handed over immediately.

Do the Gaspars even exist? We have seen a photograph of every character who has played a part in this charade. The only people we have not seen are the Gaspars.

Fiona in her witness statement mentioned how she found Kates actions odd when placing her hands in front of the twins faces. She also found it odd they did not wake.

Could be this whole story has been made up to threaten the Paynes and keep them in line…because they later suspected the McCanns had sedated the twins.