Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kates Diary: May 3rd: No, the bead seems to have lost all importance. McCanns scour the area until 4 am ??????

THURSDAY, MAY 3: Milk and biscuits for the kids. I left them with this and books and games and went to have a quick shower/wash my hair. M (Madeleine) tired' sitting on my lap' I read the story of Mog (favourite children's book).

Brush teeth. To the bedroom with the kids. M pulls away and puts her head on pillow. Kisses goodnight for M. Pulled the door to as far as possible without shutting it. Silence.

Dry hair. Put make-up on. Glass of wine. Restaurant.

(During dinner nearby with friends 'dubbed the Tapas 7 'the group took turns to check the children. At 10pm Kate discovers Madeleine gone. The McCann's and helpers frantically scour the area until 4am.)

Smoke Break

Graphic: Louis Turner