Saturday, August 13, 2011

#Spudgun in the TELEGRAPH : The TRUTH must be removed at ALL costs ,or the fraudulent fund cannot continue !

This article by SPUDGUN has been removed

Amazon Censors Madeleine McCann PublicationBy spudgun

Pat Brown is a renowned and well known American Criminal profiler who, amongst other tasks, offers pro bono profiling and training for Law enforcement agencies.

Amongst her many publications, a few weeks back, she launched ‘The Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann’.This was, effectively, an accurate analysis of all the evidence available in the case, freely available within the public domain, combined with her own theories regarding what might have happened to Madeleine, based on her professional experience and expertise.

The publication, available in KINDLE format and available on AMAZON, was a great success.
Up until recently.

For that is when Amazon removed the publication from sale from its websites.
There is NO official explanation, thus far, from Amazon regarding its actions. In response to emails sent by customers, querying the publications removal, it states:-

“Occasionally books are removed from the Kindle Store for various reasons. We don’t have any details about why this particular book may have been removed. Thank you for your interest in Kindle.”

However, in an interview on an American online radio broadcast with Levi Page, Pat states that she was informed by Amazon that they had received a-

“notice of defamation from Carter-Ruck solicitors claiming that the book contains defamatory statements regarding their clients Kate and Gerry McCann”

In an attempt to clarify this rather bizarre turn of events I spoke to Amazon’s Press Office, (UK), where a nice lady called Laura Bonny promised that she would look into the matter, subject to receipt of an official Media e-mail request.
I forwarded, the following-

“I am seeking to ascertain the reasons for the cessation of the selling of the ‘Kindle’ Book, by Pat Brown, ‘The Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann’.

My understanding is that this publication was on sale on all Amazon outlets for several weeks. Can you please confirm for me whether its removal from sale from your sites was as the result of LEGAL actions undertaken and are you in a position to confirm for me who undertook such actions?

Can you also confirm for me whether or not the publication in question has been the subject of any complaints relating to its title or its contents?

Can you confirm whether Amazon has been contacted by either Kate or Gerry McCann, or by individuals or organisations acting on their behalf in relation to the publication or its contents?”

30 hours later, with no response, I spoke with their Press Office again, this time another nice young lady called Sophie who explained that she WAS aware of the furore surrounding the title, but that they, (Amazon UK), were awaiting notification and directions from their AMERICAN Head Office, regarding statements, but that she assured me she WOULD respond to my questions in time.

That time has not yet, apparently, transpired.

Of course, irrespective of what Amazon says or does NOT say regarding its removal of a title on the instructions of the McCanns or their representatives, WITHOUT the benefit of any actual LEGAL hearing or proven ACTION, I shall be reminding them of ANOTHER, rather more vociferous statement issued by Amazon in recent times:-

“Amazon believes it is CENSORSHIP not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable…………. we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.”

This astonishing stance was issued in defence of Amazon’s INSISTENCE on allowing the sale on its websites of a rather unpleasant publication titled ‘The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure’, subtitled ‘A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct’.

That publication WAS eventually removed after a HUGE storm of protest and condemnation, much of it from children’s charities.

It remains to be seen whether Pat Brown is successful in re-instating her publication, or whether she joins the INCREASINGLY long list of people silenced/sued/threatened/sanctioned as a result of the McCanns and their overwhelmingly exorbitant Lawyers, whose never ending fees must SURELY be greater than the Millions amassed through public donations and other fund-raising ventures.

As for AMAZON itself, however, (the “multinational electronic commerce company”), it poses a rather more disturbing predicament.

One where it is apparently happy to sell material CLEARLY and unequivocally relating to the sexual abuse of children, and the purported PLEASURE that such an activity entails, whilst at the same time censoring a publication that LEGITIMATELY calls into question the ‘OFFICIAL’ version of events relating to the disappearance of a 3 year old girl, as alleged and insisted upon by Kate and Gerry McCann, their never ending entourage of supporters, backers, PR Moguls and Newspaper editors, and their powerful lawyers.

As Abbott Joseph Liebling once said:-

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.