Sunday, August 7, 2011

#McCanns : Four years on and people are finally seeing the McCanns ARE involved in the death of Madeleine.

A change of mind about the “McCanns”

By jda

Oh the fun that was had here when Madeline McCann went missing! I remember it now…..

That bloke, Slocombe, and that other bloke, Coulter, both trying to be the most “controversial” was amusing to watch. Then there was the general air of “conspiracy” floating about the place. I recall another bloke – the bloke who posts hideous sketches and paintings of his hideous wife – made a comment about Gerry McCann puchasing an ink cartridge for a printer, proving, without doubt, he was hiding something. Some drippy bird posted on that blog’s thread agreeing, and added that Kate McCann had recently bought news clothes, and she asked: Where did Kate’s new clothes come from?

It was the sort of piercing question that Woodward and Burnstein could only marvel at. I posted a possible answer to the dopey chick in question. Maybe she got them from a “clothes shop”?

However, I have recently spent hours watching some high quality documentaries concerning Gerry and Kate McCann and the almost endless contradictions and absurdities in their story. I have seen footage of them both which I can describe only as “disturbing”.

I watched the footage of the sniffer dog in the apartment, but didn’t realise there were two dogs used. One was a “cadaver dog” which has, in over two hundered deployments to a scene, never wrongly alerted its handler. Apparently, this particular pooch is insured for over £7 Million quid and belongs to the British Police, not the Portugese.

There are many reason for my change of mind. A great many. Gerry’s very coy answer about sedatives, and his inexplicable statement about the nightwe found her…” are part of the larger picture.

The above links prove nothing, certainly.

There are more things I could link to, but won’t.

Clarence Mitchell seems to be less than honest. There is plenty to be said about that particular human. There is the tapas cook who was – what shall we say? – brought to the “attention” of the group known as “Team McCann” and was “approached” by Team McCann.

Make up your own mind. I have.