Saturday, August 6, 2011

#McCann: 200 Maddie style abductions this year !... and did the DADDIES all look as happy as this one ?

McCanns getting desperate ....AND yet we have Mitchell claiming he was briefed 'Maddie' is a rare stranger abduction could'nt make it up.

Daily Star Sunday
ABOVE: More than four kids in the UK are snatched like Madeleine McCann every single week

So every week we have four 'FAKED abductions

“Officials had no idea of the scale of the threat posed to children”

YES parents who fabricate abductions are a GREAT THREAT to children, especially those who are left and may at some point in the future have memory recall. This child would not be allowed to speak out, so what would happen, another fabricated abduction, a domestic accident ?

7th August 2011
By Jonathan Corke

MORE than four Brit kids are snatched by strangers every week, a shock Daily Star Sunday investigation can reveal.

Even more horrifying is that officials had no idea of the scale of the threat posed to children.

The only centrally-held statistics cover all child abductions but have no breakdown of those involving strangers.

Centrally held statistics to a child abduction is usually a family member FACT

Today there are calls for immediate changes to the way we monitor crimes affecting the most vulnerable members of society.

YES people like the McCanns should not be protected by the ELITE, the two  remaining children ARE vulnerable members of society Amelie and Sean need to be monitored

Our probe found that there were at least 500 reports of child abduction in England and Wales in 2010 and 211 and, of those, around 42% involved strangers snatching or attempting to snatch youngsters.

There was a high profile case in May 2007 when a couple of lying chancers  reported without a shred of evidence that their child had been abducted ,so one may call this a 'strange' incident and there are no folks stranger than 'criminals' McCann.

The figures, obtained by contacting every police force in England and Wales, show the whereabouts of abduction hotspots.

Just under a quarter of cases involving strangers were in the Metropolitan Police force area, while Greater Manchester Police reported 46 cases of “abduction of a child by other persons”

Ah yes the MET, exposed as corrupt and rotten to the core, a very reliable source

West Midlands police had 25 cases, although they pointed out that none had been “successful” stranger abductions.

If they were not 'successful' stranger abductions then the children were not abducted duh !!!!

Although we obtained the fullest picture ever collected, one police force out of the 43 refused to tell us how many children had been snatched or targeted. Cumbria Police claimed that giving us the figures would potentially breach data protection issues.

So, we have a non story, a bit of folklore just to use Maddie's face and sell a few more issues.

Almost all the figures submitted for child abductions included attempted abductions, so a breakdown showing how many children were snatched was not available.

Lady Catherine Meyer, who runs the Parents and Abducted Children Together charity (PACT), has been campaigning for a better system of recording missing and abducted children for the past five years.

Now we cut to the chase, Lady Catherine Meyer, the article fails to mention that Meyers children were abducted by their own father...just like Madeleines, after all according to Mr.Smith he saw Gerry McCann with a child answering to Maddies description the night of the 'faked abduction' May 3rd

.Lady Meyer, who set up PACT after her own children were abducted, said 211 was “a lot of children abducted by strangers”. She added that a central database was “something I’ve been lobbying and fighting for for years”.

The charity Missing People said our investigation highlighted the need for a national strategy.

Chief executive Martin Houghton-Brown said: “These findings add further weight to the Government’s announcement that it will be developing a national strategy on missing people.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “We are determined to protect vulnerable children.”

LET us hope the Home Office are protecting at least two vulnerable children, the two Kate and Gerry McCann have left...let us pray Amelie and Sean do not also become victims of  'fake abductions'  or meet with a domestic accident !