Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#McCann : There is no review it was a knee - jerk reaction from Cameron to block Gordon Brown from becoming head of IMF.

It was a very odd week, the snap decision of a 'McCann review' by Cameron..... there were many clues that the review was a farce and TWO very big clues that certain people know Madeleine is dead...There can be no replies to FOI's because nothing is happening.

ONE HUGE clue came from the Telegraph who published ONLINE Madeleine was dead.... later changing their headline to disappeared...newspapers such as the Telegraph do not make such mistakes.

Gordon Brown backed away from the IMF position, a job he dearly would have loved...and many may remember his anger directed at Murdoch when he told a lie about the SUN releasing information on his child...what did he hope to gain, revenge ?..Gordon Brown screamed in anger ' The cover-up is far worse than the crime'...I would like to believe he was thinking of his grave ever in tango -ing with the McCanns, who have indirectly ended his career.