Thursday, August 18, 2011

#McCanns: #Murdochs #SUN spying on a family in Apartment 5A

The SUN one can never trust, it is a gutter rag full of lies and deceit, just ask those who remember Hillsborough.

The McCanns have shut up shop , now away on holiday, leaving their gullible followers on FACEBOOK (who have paid for their 'little  holiday extras')  slightly bemused...surely those who only pretend to' search' deserve a break, lying full time for a living is exhausting and the McCanns require a break, how selfish can these folk be ? BUT the gullible believe if they had lost a child the last thing on their mind would be going off and enjoying themselves on a holiday for Christsake!...BUT then we know the truth and they do not, nor do they know the McCanns could be facing a prison term in Portugal..well we can but hope, if they have destroyed Dr.Amarals books then justice will slowly but surely take its course.

Back to the devious SUN, the one that sits back and makes-up stories...NOW what are they doing spying on a family who they claim are holidaying in apartment 5a ? The INDIAN hoax was exposed for what it was, a McCann lie, SO, they need something credible to counteract this foolish move of theirs...Lets be as devious as the McCanns and imagine this family are there for a purpose, a purpose on behalf of MURDOCHS SUN....anyday now will we hear that this family had an attempted break-in to abduct one of their children...?

NOW what a story that would make, headline news , removing lying James Murdochs HACKGATE headache right off the front pages. Watch this space !