Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#McCann : Brian Kennedy SHADOWMAN.

Fascinating read , so hard to believe Madeleine was not born for this very purpose..a premediated financial scam, a cottage industry in the making that many are STILL fooled by to this very day...extraordinary !

It is as though the area was chosen with great precision and a case to compare with if needed...Joana Cipriana..and the McCanns have used Joana at every opportunity to stab at Gonçalo Amaral and whine about the bungling PJ cops using ALL of their family members to put the word out through the British media and MURDOCH only too happy to oblige. But then that would be a conspiracy !

Links To This Article Have Been Removed At The Request Of Mr.Bennett. It Would Appear Kennedy Is Concerned About His reputation, Whats Left Of It That Is.