Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#McCanns: Maddie put on hold while the McCanns go on continues for the gullible when they return.

The gullible begin to see the light ..
Tonight they announced they were going on holiday and switching off their comments--and those who have spent their hard-earned cash on what some (but not necessarily myself) believe to be an utterly pointless exercise have hit back:
Paula Flitcroft: "Seems like this wall is becoming more and more like a part time wall, off for holidays, and switched off weekends too. People like to leave their support and comments all the time. But yet the world remains vigilant!! Does that mean the search is part time too?....You can ask people to support you and raise funds, etc, and then switch off when it suits."
Kerry Butt: "To be honest, it has made me wonder if anyone is really bothering any more."
Aaron Vernon: "I won't be giving no more money for you to go on holidays with. WHAT A JOKE!"
Paula, Kerry and Aaron. First of all, top marks for being so brave. You have finally sussed what this site is all about, and for your effort have been zapped, while ALL of your comments have been removed and the thread closed.
For if there is one thing that these people do NOT like to hear, it is the TRUTH! Fine, so they claim to be searching for a missing little girl--but, what they fail to remember is that Madeleine McCann is missing ALL of the time, not just Nine-till-Five, Monday through until Friday.