Saturday, August 20, 2011

#McCanns : How many graves to date have the McCanns danced on ?

The McCanns, or rather their backer Murdoch Mafia, have tried to use Milly Dowler's image snuggled right alongside little Maddies to imply they were victims of phone hacking...The Dowlers lawyer has been informed of this despicable act and is looking into it. So, we move onto BlackSmiths latest offering about the lying chancers and their attempts to shut everyone up as more and more people now realize that yes, whatever happened to Madeleine her lying parents are indeed involved.

Dancing on graves by Blacksmith

The Bureau is no friend of Mr Tony Bennett, for reasons that go a great deal deeper than personality clashes: in fact we strongly disagree with just about every action  he has ever taken in the Madeleine McCann affair.

But a quick tour yesterday through the low-lying blog and forum marshland which the few dozen professional McCann believers so noisily inhabit was a saddening experience. The news that Mr Bennett is now being pursued for libel by Ed the Expunger and for contempt of court by the McCanns has been welcomed not with satisfaction so much as intense pleasure. The excited interchanges, indeed,  about the time this old man might spend in prison – years, we hope! – or the prospect of him and his wife living rough for the rest of their days – wonderful! – remind one of the collective drooling of an S&M webporn ring.

Don’t any of them have even a moment of doubt at what they are writing? It seems not.

Or a parting line from Blacksmiths words may well have been fitting IF this were not the work of the DEVILS children....Jesus, nailed to the cross, his last words ' Forgive them father for they know not what they do'