Wednesday, August 31, 2011

#McCanns vs Gonçalo Amaral - Court cases pending.

Information from Carolina on the Missing Madeleine forum

The only cases that I am aware of at this time are:

1.The libel case McCanns vs Gonçalo Amaral

2.The McCanns vs GA for allegedly violating the secrecy of justice when he published his book

3.Gonçalo Amaral vs McCanns and Isabel Duarte for not returning the books after the ban was overturned

4.And finally, the McCanns vs TVI, Hernâni Carvalho, Paulo Sargento and Manuel Luís Goucha for something they said on television.

Carolina states : It is possible that there are other cases of which we have no knowledge. As for the McCanns, they have opened "Pandora's box" with this libel case and they must have been expecting an out of court settlement.