Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#McCanns : #FSS altering evidence to protect the guilty ?

Rupert Murdoch said he and Gordon Brown used to be very good friends, their children played together. So how did the conversation go when the FSS reports started coming in ?

Murdoch : Have they got anything on them ?

Brown : 'Well, it's not looking good..'.

Murdoch watching their children playing...'Oh hell, can you lose the report...

Brown : 'if you support me  in the next election..

Murdoch: Sure, no problem...


As we now know, Rupert Murdoch DID NOT support Gordon Brown, he betrayed him and as Brown roared with anger ' the cover-up is much worse than the crime'...Brown knows only too well, it cost him the position he so dearly wanted at the IMF, Cameron blocked him with the threat of re-opening the McCann case. Cameron, Murdochs new puppet, Cameron well aware that Madeleine is dead and what happened at the FSS. The FSS as Jenny Green MP informed us has now been closed.