Sunday, August 14, 2011

#McCanns and their backer Brian Kennedy.

About us The Company
was founded in Barcelona in 1985 by Marita Fernández Lado, with the aim of breaking away from the structures, approaches and methods of operation which had eroded trust in detectives. At that time, the intention was for to fulfil a social need for a genuine private investigation company, rather than simply a detective agency.

Metodo 3Today, more than twenty years since we entered the Spanish market, we can point to more than 18.000 reports issued in the course of our history and some 1.200 investigations conducted every year over the last few years, which establishes us as the number one detective company in Spain.

In this new millennium, we are consolidated and positioned as a global services company for the Spanish national market. Our motto and objective is to invest all our efforts and dreams on the creation and development of a European detectives association to fight against fraud.

Our philosophy is going where nobody has ever been; to see what remains hidden for other people; to sum up, to reach the truth. Our vast expertise in the investigation sector has permitted us to create a methodology of our own, effective and clear for both parts: our detectives and our clients.

We are totally responsible of our reports, and we are ready to be defended all the proofs in front of whoever it is needed.
The client contacts us to explain his/her problem, we start a group of processes starting by looking for all the possible information, even those that apparently do not seem to be relevant.

The corresponding department checks the records and studies deeply all the documents received.

The dossier passes to the services directive where, seeing all of the documents, a plan is conceived, with all of the human and material resources needed.

Once chosen the detectives, which always work in couple, and the technical and transportation resources, the development of the service is discussed.

The detectives in charge of the case pick up all the required proofs and send to the central their work reports. Also, they pay constant attention to possible modifications to achieve the object of investigation.

When all the material arrives to the agency, the Services Boss meets with the detectives to decide how will the case continue or end. Then, all the proofs and work reports are sent to the editorial department, formed by copywriters and lawyers.

Once the report is written, two copies are given to the client and to the lawyer, and also a tape with all the audiovisual material filmed during the investigation, to the disposition of the judge.