Monday, May 7, 2012

#McCann :DON'T DONATE TO LIARS - The Marketing OF Isabel Celis

This didn't take long:

I also have some advice for the public.  Unsolicited advice, George Washington said, was something he resisted whenever possible, as it was rarely taken, and it was sometimes even resented.

Perhaps I should heed his advice, but here goes:

Don't donate to liars.

Save the money, and just tell the truth.  Too many know exactly where a child can be found, and are costing too much money for citizens and too much heartache for the public to bear.

Just tell the truth.

They refused to speak up for Isabel until pressured by media, likely failed their polygraphs, and are not being truthful, yet, they want donations.

It's become common for us to hear a fake kidnapping story and spin to follow, along with the money trail.

I am not able to prove these things but here goes:

Missouri police were about to learn the whereabouts of Baby Lisa when an attorney stepped in and shut it down.  Deborah Bradley got the make over, and Baby Lisa got to rot in the mud.

Ghouls paid the Anthonys money for interviews and ghouls cashed the checks.  George Anthony, professional gamer of the system and incessant disability filer, finally hit the jackpot.

Had DiPietro had a public relations team, he would be collecting money and overseeing the Made For TV movie about Ayla.

What does it say about the intelligence of law enforcement, including federally, where, supposedly, more money attracts more talent, when the likes of Misty Croslin, Justin DiPietro, Deborah Bradley, Shawn Adkins and a host of others, can outsmart them?

If I disagree with Billie Jean's attorney, will he juice up, get a gun, and run me down with his car?

How did Sergi and Becky get through an entire interview about their 'kidnapped' child without once using the word 'kidnap'?

Terri Horman?  Really?

Even untrained media chuckled when Wild Bill announced the  "award" money for bringing Lisa to the park bench, and sitting her down, next to him.  

Did Wendell Noyes really hold his own against police?

Search and rescue dogs don't care what the missing child's race or nationality is.

BOTH sets of lying parents were fund raising yesterday for money !