Monday, May 7, 2012

#McCann : Elizabeth Smart The Mormon Girl Will Not Sway Public Opinion Nor Stomp On Pat Brown If That Was Her Intention.

It won't wash picking up on old habits, it did not work then and it will not work now. America has lived through the murder of Caylee and the Casey Anthony trial. Anthony likened only yesterday to Healy . The Americans are sick and tired of faked abductions and parents turning their child's death into cottage industries.  Nice try lying Lizzy .

Isabel Celis, her parents are doing a McCann, Smart or Irwin - take your pick.

A reminder of how McCann used Ed Smart to tell the American people he had been framed by the PJ.

Gerry McCann told Smart that he would not be surprised if the police  planted evidence in his car, rented 25 days after he claimed his daughter was abducted by a paedophile , Smart was repeating McCanns words verbatim on Larry King Live Show suggesting the Portuguese police were trying to frame his new buddy Gerry McCann ! !!!! Cadaver dogs did indeed pick up on the trunk of the car, mothers clothing , apartment and the childs soft toy.Maddies body has never been found and the McCanns were not charged, the case shelved waiting for new evidence.

Dumb and getting dumber. McCann nor Ed Smart the brightest buttons in the box. How could the PJ possibly plant evidence in the car without Madeleines body ?