Saturday, May 5, 2012

#McCann : Is Maddie Soon To Be A Worldwide Franchise ?

R.F.Wilson writes from London: The way things are going Madeleine McCann could soon become a worldwide franchise with a turnover that may rival that of the Elvis estate.

Let’s face it, never before has child abduction been commercialised to an extent as it happened with Madeleine. Many thousands of children have vanished in the past, with no hint of what could have happened to them, but never have grieving parents become international celebrities, with their own staff and, more importantly, with the full backing of the media. It’s as if the man from downstairs himself is orchestrating this whole campaign, letting the crusade to find Madeleine to run on and on, with money coming in as if out of nowhere.

The last portion of the tearful parents plugging their cause came in a video made to mark the fifth anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance, with Kate and Gerry telling the world that their younger twins who were only two when their sister vanished, telling them that when they grow up they will help in the search for her. It’s a great line if you think about it but there’s only one problem with it: just like many times before the couple avoids mentioning the fact that they left their small children alone. Not a word of regret or remorse. Just weepy words about their pain of losing their child.

And it might have been acceptable, to be honest, if not for one sinister side of it; as you read these dozens of Scotland yard detectives are involved in trying to establish whether the Portuguese police missed something during that initial investigation five years ago at the public’s expense. Supposedly around 200 ‘leads’ have been uncovered missed by the clumsy local cops that might help find Madeleine. But even with such an impressive tally of leads the Portuguese authorities refused to re-open investigation citing lack of any new facts.

And that obviously takes the gloss off the Scotland Yard more

Comment : Can't you just hear the McCanns snigger...phew they are STILL falling for the neglect line. The McCanns did not leave the children alone so why should they apologize for it my dear Watson ? Neglect was an ALIBI !