Sunday, May 6, 2012

#McCann: Kate's Latest Account Of the Truth Appears To Be For Pat Brown's Eyes Only. Pat Must Feel Truly Honoured !

Well it was bound to happen wasn't it, when a criminl profiler like Pat Brown picked up on Kate McCann's claim the children had been drugged on two separate nights by the 'abductor' and Madeleine, who could speak well enough to say 'mummy why didn't you come when we were crying' (you may choose, there are 3 version's of events from Kate and Gerry on the crying incident ) failed to mention the night before some stranger had stuffed her and her siblings full of drugs. Not only that, add to the folklore, one very confused abductor who the evening before, May 2nd, as witnessed by the cleaner, cot's in separate rooms. The abduction was clearly staged, my reasoning, Matt Oldfield claimed when 'checking' on the children he was in fact in the parents room.

For late comers who are only now taking an interest in the case, you will not not understand the significance of Oldfield's gaffe. It was never  clear where anyone slept in apartment 5a. However, what is crystal  clear that on the day of May 2nd , the twins cots were in separate rooms, later placed together for the evening of May 3rd.


1 Hair - the owner - Matthew Oldfield

Most strange, the only hair found in apartment 5a were from men - O'Brien - David Payne and Matthew Oldfield - no females from the group ?

Pat Brown questioned Kate McCann on sedating the children

The McCanns have of course asked Carter Ruck to remove the offending video, available now only to those living outside the UK. Once again , like the abduction , the British public have to take the parents word making it impossible to check Kates lies with the video she mentions in her 'account of the truth' Manipulative and deceptive to the very end.

Please go to this link  for ALL information on sedating of the children.

And please go to this link for a more detailed 'account of the truth' from McCannexposure.

Discrepancies : The crying episode, according to Kate in her bewk was in fact the 'abductor ' disturbing the children and drugging them May 2nd, only problem with that 'account of the truth' , Mrs Fenn heard the child's screams May 1st!

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