Thursday, May 3, 2012

#McCann : Was Madeleine Murdered ? by Chelsea Hoffman

What happened to missing Madeleine McCann? In the last two installments of my analysis I highlighted the probability that the child was abducted either by a stranger or an acquaintance in Portugal. While there are always variables and possibilities in these unsolved cases, I am led to believe that this child was not necessarily "abducted," and I do believe that this case shares a similarity with the Amanda Knox case in that the PR campaign supporting the parents of the case have really done no help in finding justice for this missing, possibly murdered, child. I understand that this is not going to be a "popular" opinion, but it's not my job or intent to compete in a popularity contest. I've watched video after video, read article after article and file upon file, but have come to no credible evidence that indicates this child left the apartment rented by the McCanns during their Portugal holiday. So then what happened to her? It's most likely that this young girl never left Portugal and most importantly, never left the vacation cottage in which she slept.
So far here is the list of verifiable evidence that I have been able to find in my research, although I am quite positive there are loads more:
  • Blood and cadaver dogs specifically hit on the scent of blood and post-mortem human oils in more than one part of apartment 5A -- and again in the hired/rental vehicle of the parents. The dogs also hit on these scents on the clothing belonging  to the child and Kate McCann. The below video shows exactly what these celebrated scent dogs more