Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reasons to believe Madeleine died before May 3rd

The cleaner , witness to a cot May 2nd in the McCanns room. The fact McCann denied the cot was there is very significant and IMPORTANT ...this implies a possible staging of the abduction early Tuesday morning.

Jez Wilkins, ONLY discussion on the children left alone the evening of May 2nd, they made a point of telling him, the seed was sown.

Why did Matt, who lied about his 'checking' on the McCann children visit Jez? because McCann ordered him to, he needed to know if Jez had 'seen anything'..pretty strange when people were being asked to help search BUT no McCann only wanted to know if he was in the clear with regards to Wilkins and the certainty he had not 'seen anything ' Matt took the manager with him to wake Wilkins at 1 am in the morning !

We now also know McCann visited Mrs Fenn at some point, she was a witness to the cries of a desperate child screaming for her father the night of May 1st.

Also, we have the SMITH sighting that the McCanns really do not want to talk about.

Thursday May 3rd

At 12:30 pm we went fetch the little boy from the creche as usual. Everyone left the pool at about the same time.

I didn't see Jerry or Kate.

We returned to our apartment. We decided to spend the evening in, watching television. Our son was awake and unable to sleep. I decided to take him for a walk in his pram.

I left about 8:15 to 8:30 pm. I was pushing the pram around the complex and went to the toilet near the bar. I could not see inside the restaurant. As I got the baby to sleep, I was on my way back to the apartment. I came out at the top road.

I met him (McCann) near the stairs of a ground floor. There was a gate leading up to some stairs. I was pretty certain that he had left the apartment. We spoke for a few minutes. He said you're on walking duty. I said I was staying in and pros and cons and what to do with the children.

He said that as he was staying two weeks XXXXX he was staying one night' (unreadable)

I don't remember anyone else walking around with a child. The conversation lasted for about three (3) to five (5) minutes.

He was acting completely normal from what I know of him so far. I then walked back to the apartment. I had dinner, watched a DVD and went to bed at about 11 pm.

The doorbell woke us up at about 1 am. It was the resort manager who I learnt to be John and one of Jerry's friends.

I think his name was Matt.

He is white, slim, and tall with greying hair. From previous conversations I learnt him to be a diabetics specialist.

We met him o the way to the destination. Matt said XXXXX to the effect that Jerry's daughter had been abducted, and that Jerry said that he had met me and wanted to know if I had seen anything.

I said 'You're joking'. I offered help but they said there was nothing that could be done at that stage. We remained at the apartment but could see people around the pool and at the front with torches. I also saw the police arriving. We then went to bed.