Sunday, June 12, 2011

McCanns STILL targeting students...Goverment allow the fraud to continue..

With the knowledge 3.5 million is to be spent by Scotland Yard to continue the McCanns circus under the pretext the McCanns are not involved in the disappearance of their daughter. The McCanns have for the last year targeted students in the 'search for Madeleine'

One would think the Goverment might at least try to look as if they are actually involved in a serious investigation, but no the McCanns it would appear can still run their circus for the performing seals like Cameron and the oh so corrupt MET !

'We are launching a new initiative for students to help us in our search for Madeleine.

To increase our chances of finding Madeleine, it is vital that we maintain awareness of her in as many places as possible worldwide.

1 in 6 children are found and returned to their families, simply because a member of the general public has recognised them after seeing their face on a poster!

We know that many students travel over the summer, often to places off the beaten path. Others may decide to take a ‘gap-year’ before continuing on to university.  

If you are a student and would be willing to help with this initiative, we would be very grateful if you would fill-out the form below.  Our ‘Students for Madeleine’ Program Manager will then make contact with you to suggest ways in which you can help. '