Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gerry McCann snooping around a Witness: Mrs Pamela Fenn.

Olga Craig and her poison pen, while drooling and fawning over the McCanns ...released some very interesting information that Kate chose not to place in her book, and I am sure Gerry McCann was sure no one would ever discover, the fact that he  under the pretence of an apology visited with Mrs. Pamela Fenn, or as some might see it, interfering with a witness.

We now know exactly what the McCanns thought of Mrs Fenn and I am sure just as Kate has her spies in Portugal informing her of every breath taken by Gonçalo Amaral ,  there will be those happy to inform Ian Fenn of Kates words and her blatant smearing of Ian's now dead mother.

I hope Ian during the libel trial you too are called and that you have the chance to speak on behalf of your mother and right the wrong the McCanns have caused by smearing your mothers good name. Ian , I think  may have realized by now,  McCann was being anything but 'incredibly kind'....he was snooping, trying to find out what else Mrs.Fenn knew.

Adding weight to the theory by Paulo Rebelo, 7 children were all together and Madeleine ,who had a sleep problem sedated and left alone in apartment 5a...they were unconcerned because once asleep she did not wake, as McCann confirms in this clip ' There was one evening when Madeleine came through.. or to ?' not sure with his accent...but both sound like someone coming through or 'to' after sedation .

Madeleine screaming for that length of time would have disturbed the twins who in turn would have also started screaming, this did not happen because the twins were not there...they were with the rest of the children cared for by one of the tapas who cried off 'sick' each evening...

Interesting comment from Mitchell when hearing this ' accidentally on purpose leaked 'news .

Their new boss Paulo Rebelo, 45, is understood to favour a rethink of every aspect of the investigation.

The McCanns spokesman Clarence Mitchell scoffed at the cops new allegations, saying:

If you put seven children together you are going to have a far harder time getting them to sleep than three.?

Notice something ? Mitchell also does not ask about the eighth child he is so busy concentrating on explaining away the fact that the children 'were neglected 'he falls head first into the trap.

The latest theory casts doubt not only on what Kate and Gerry have always said but knocks statements by the three couples they holidayed with.

“I keep asking the Ocean people to cut it,” says Ian Fenn who inherited the apartment above from his mother, Pamela, who died last month.

Mr Fenn, who lives in England, visits the flat monthly and has witnessed its transformation from white-washed holiday home to a ghoulish, run-down tourist attraction. “There are always tourists who stand outside and get their friends to take their photograph outside 5a,” he says wearily. “They find some ghastly attraction in being pictured at the spot when a little girl was abducted. Gerry McCann did come up to apologise to my mother for all the unwanted attention – which was incredibly kind as he has endured a grief and pain that no parent should ever have to withstand.”