Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cameron, David Payne and the McCanns.

I have found a post and ask that no one get their hopes up as there is NO news from Portugal .I believe Cameron is SO in bed with MURDOCH that they even use the same pillow and share their pyjamas.

However, the post is interesting and if paedophilia is behind the McCann cover up it is worth pondering what the OP has to say. Meanwhile ,I am going to try to find out more from the blogger. BUT personally I think Cameron is a little shit !


I have been blogging about a group of journalists who have been going round all the “historic” child abuse cases and discrediting them, Bob Woffingden (who used to work for the New Musical Express) was one of them, and I notice he is in the Mail Online furiously backpeddling on his previous articles that Jeremy Bamber was innocent of murder.

Woffingden, David Rose and Richard Webster all met David Cameron in a select committee meeting to try to stop what they called “police trawling” in historic child abuse cases.

Webster belongs to an organisation called the British False Memory Society which was founded by an American paedophile called Ralph Underwager.

Perhaps David Cameron really has started to understand what has been going on, and has genuine reasons for wanting the Madelaine McCann case reopened?

Perhaps I am an old fool for thinking this, but he is a human being as well as a politician!