Sunday, May 8, 2011

Comments section from Todays Guardian who also believe the Obama Scam but seem to have forgotten his latest birth certifcate was proven to be a fraud.

  • davidabsalom
    8 May 2011 8:47AM
    "A chavvy single mother who'd let her kid be abducted wouldn't have had all this sympathy."
    Are you going to bring this up the next time you bump into Bea Campbell in the office?
    The comparison between Madeleine McCann and Shannon Matthews is saturated by class... Karen Matthews has acted appropriately throughout: she was waiting for Shannon at home; she contacted the police as soon as she had exhausted all the obvious locations.

    • Folklover
      8 May 2011 8:50AM
      Please, oh please. Where has the vast amount of money already given to the McCanns gone? On a succession of private detectives, often of murky origins, one of whom allegedly defrauded them. Had Kate been prepared to answer the questions put to her, had they agreed to a reconstruction, the Portuguese police would have continued the investigation at no cost to the family.
      The McCanns have employed the most expensive lawyers in the business, they have embarked on vindictive court cases, managed to get Goncalo Ameral´s perfectly professional, factual account of the case banned (a translation is still unavailable in England, why?) but they eventually lost the case and have to pay damages. These things do not come cheap . Nor they do help in the search for their daughter.
      Finally, there was never one jot of evidence for an abduction. Not one.
    • sufferlittlechildren
      8 May 2011 8:57AM
      little Maddie is the victim here why would anyone feel sorry for Kate and Gerry? the pro mcanns are the worst on the internet and the mcanns openly link to those sites on their facebook shame on them!!!!!
    • Marcia47
      8 May 2011 9:04AM
      I agree there are many haters out there and some do seem unstable but the same could be said for some of the McCann supporters. If you do your homework you will see that both sides of the fence can be horrid.
      I am not a hater of the McCanns', I simply do not believe their version of events, does that make me a hater? I think not. There are many, many people who feel the same way. There are lots internet sites out there with some good discussion about the case. Some sites have the police files which contain all the witness statements. Have you read the files? Are you aware that Mrs McCann refused to answer the 42 questions put to her by the Portuguese police? This was her right, but what about Madeleines' rights? Her rights to be protected and cared for? Was Mrs McCann really showing any care for Madeleine when she answered the one and only question which was
      "Do you understand that by not answering these questions you could hinder the investigation"
      Mrs McCann replied "If that is what the investigation thinks"
      Forgive me but I thought they wanted to do everything they could to find their daughter.
      They could,( as has already been pointed out) ask for the case to be reopened at any time they wish. Instead they choose to pay PIs ridiculous amounts of money. I suggest you look deep into the history of the PIs they have hired, and I am not just talking about Halligen. Metodo 3 springs to mind. There is also a huge question mark over the PIs they have hired at the present time.
      The McCanns' refused to take part in a reconstruction. Why? Was it because any reconstruction set to their statements would fall apart because it could never, ever have happened in the way they say it did? Or was it really because they thought it wouldn't benefit Madeleine. But writing a book does benefit her? How can that be? If you know about the case the chances are you know nothing new to bring to the case and if you don't know about the case you wont care to buy it. I feel the book is all about money making for themselves.
      It is a well known fact that British dogs were brought into the case, those dogs alerted to Cadaver and Blood, exactly what they are trained to do. They were recognised as the some of the best dogs in the world at that time. The dogs findings have been ignored by many people, including the McCanns' Why? Surely if your child was missing and a cadaver dog alerted to the room where your child last lay you would want to get to the bottom of it, would you really try to discredit them?
      It is my opinion that Kate and Gerry McCann are hiding something. What that is, I have no idea but they do not appear to be that bothered about doing anything which will actually help find their daughter, Madeleine McCann.
      I welcome all reports on the McCann case, but I like reading well informed journalism. You have immediately accused people who disagree with the McCanns' as being 'haters', this tells me straight away that you have not read the files or done any real research into the case.
      Please spend some time and read the case files for yourself. It may open your eyes!
    • Harthacanute
      8 May 2011 9:07AM
      At a time like this, when the Guardian and Observer are complicit in the good, decent and caring citizenry of this country are getting right royal buggering from a bunch of Janus-faced Liberal Democrat crooks - whom this paper implored us to vote for and continues operate as a mouthpiece for - I am afraid I really don't have very much respect for some clueless, half-baked, hack telling me that some people are apparently being a little mean to a self-pitying whinging cow like Kate McCann - who is not only an attention-seeker and mindbogglingly selfish, but also a hideously unfit parent.
      So sue me.
    • paul1701a
      8 May 2011 9:09AM
      To sufferlittlechildren.
      At one time that link would have been believable, but unfortunately no longer.
      I know your heart is in the right place about this case and for that I praise you.
      However,there are now people who openly gloat they are Mccann supporters who are on that very same forum undermining it.
    • jules41
      8 May 2011 9:10AM
      "The McCanns shouldn't have left their children alone while they ate in a restaurant 100 yards away." Obviously, and the McCanns have expressed regret over their mistake many times.
      They only expressed regret at not being there at the moment she was taken, all the other moments being 100 metres away from three babies were fine apparently- out of eyeshot and earshot - you know they left the patio door open in case of fire - great! a 3 year old would know to call 911, or in case their three year old woke up and decided to navigate her way through a baby gate, down 15 stone steps and down a dark road to go find them, what you on? What a terribly disgusting emotionally blackmailing article. Shameful to the extreme.
    • nihilist
      8 May 2011 9:11AM
      Chav parents on a package tour and their kid gets snatched after being sent to buy an icecream - maybe a day in the tabloids and thats it. Why? 'Cos there is no money in it beyond day 1 and they don't have the cash or networks to propagate it.
    • jules41
      8 May 2011 9:13AM
      Praps Ms Ellen can show us the company accounts which prove that most of their millions have really gone to pay for detectives to search for Maddy-she can try and try but she will fail. FACT. Vast amounts of money have gone to pay for failed court cases suing the only person that worked hard to find the truth.Wot does that tell you?
    • jules41
      8 May 2011 9:24AM
      If you want to do your own research into this case bookmark these sights
      repositories of the official police files and chronological newspaper reports from the beginning
    • colddebtmountain
      8 May 2011 9:33AM
      I dislike the overt hate campaigners as much as you do Ms Ellen but the only thing that has remained in my memory of May 2007 is that Madeleine's parents took chances they should not have. If I were Madeleine's parents I would seek closure too but I would not expect it to come by commercialising an industry set up to save face.
    • Margell
      8 May 2011 9:38AM
      I fail to see how this book can do what Gerry asks and jog our memory to find the missing piece of the jigsaw. We were none of us there.
      I remember being horrified when the news that a child had been abducted was splashed in the press. It turned to incredulity when I read that the McCann's had left their 3 children under 4 alone each night. What was more incredulous was their insistance that they hadn't done anything wrong, and that a distance of 120 metres was like your back garden. I was then puzzled when the McCann's left the other two children in the creche and started chasing round Europe.
      Those who mention Lindy Chamberlain - don't forget she did serve some years in prison for a crime she was later cleared of.
      I sincerely hope that Madeleine is found alive and well, but I am not sure that this book is the way to find her.
    • xyzzy
      8 May 2011 9:50AM
      The reason I regard this story as the urban middle classes talking to themselves is the relentless cry by journalists of "there but for the grace of God". Haven't we all, they say, left a three year old and two twin babies in a holiday building the other side of the road while we have a lengthy dinner with adult friends? No, as it happens, we haven't: when I had children that age, we took holidays suitable for children and organised our lives so that the children were safe, involved and happy. That meant no evening fine dining: we rented cottages and gites, cooked at the normal evening time and put the children to bed. We went out for lunch, and even with the children at the same age as the McCanns' we found that you could eat very well and the children would enjoy it. When we stayed in hotels that weren't able to give us a large family room, we sometimes slept one adult in each of two rooms.
      None of this means that the McCanns' (or, more to the point, their daughter, who is the real victim here) deserved what happened to them. But it wasn't a moment's inattention in which a child dashes over the road or whatever: this was a systematic scheme which, by implication, they had carried out on other nights as well. Anything could have happened: fire alarm, upset child screaming, routine stuff: it doesn't require a very rare event of abduction (assuming that's what happened) for this to end very badly indeed. When journalists say "what else could the McCanns have done?" the answer is simple: behave like most parents, and look after your children properly. Until both journalists and the McCanns stop trying to pretend that this was a bolt from the blue that could not have been prevented, most parents will, although sympathetic for the children and aware of the pain the parents must be going through, will not be enrolled in the idea that it was an act of God.
    • sufferlittlechildren
      8 May 2011 9:55AM
      xyzzy mrs fern heard maddie crying one night for 70 minutes mrs fern is now deceased but i cant imagine how hard it would have been for her to hear a child crying for so long little maddie must of been beside herself
    • Margell
      8 May 2011 10:00AM
      xyzzy - you took the words right of my mouth - no we haven't all left our children to go out each night. Like you, we didn't go out, or we took it in turns, or took the children with us, or sometimes got a baby sitter.
      But go out for 3 hours and leave the children? No.
    • Moosed
      8 May 2011 10:07AM
      This article must hold a record for the number of obsessives that have created an account - purely to comment on this article.
      Some of them clearly the same person.
      Nutty, slightly creepy and delusional. Especially the attempt at faux conversation.
      A vile sport right there.
    • penruddock
      8 May 2011 10:09AM
      “How else are the McCanns supposed to raise money for their international campaign?” asks Barbara Ellen.
      I know it must seem extremely heartless of me to ask, but is there any way that one can obtain a detailed breakdown of the campaign’s expenses so far, audited by the UK Charity Commissioners, together with some indication of the progress that has been made up to now? Does the international campaign have a deadline, say in twenty years time, beyond which further enquiries will be deemed hopeless, or will it go on for ever? And if the latter, with what purpose in mind?
    • Fainche
      8 May 2011 10:11AM
      I hope that there'll be some closure on the McCann case, but as in the disappearance of Ben Needham, it doesn't seem likely. Some armchair detectives are rational, open minded and not judgemental others make a Jeremy Kyle audience look like the Oxford debating society. They scream for the McCann's heads to be paraded on spikes, and dissect every aspect of the case with ghoulish relish, god forbid that anyone challenges their outlandish theories or superior moral attitude.
    • renfroo9
      8 May 2011 10:13AM
      My stomach lurched when I read the grovelling nonsense in the broadsheets churned out in defence of the McCanns. The Daily Express article that cost them half a million nailed the McCanns once and for all.
    • sufferlittlechildren
      8 May 2011 10:14AM
      i will never understand how people can open support 2 parents who abandoned their children and yet feel sorry for gerry and kate i dont and never will i feel sorry for the children who were abandoned night after night one of whom vanished ( i didnt say was abducted) into thin air yet the mcanns have had no punishment at all!!!
    • sufferlittlechildren
      8 May 2011 10:16AM
      i will never understand how people can open support 2 parents who abandoned their children and yet feel sorry for gerry and kate i dont and never will i feel sorry gerry and kate i do feel sorry for the children who were abandoned night after night one of whom vanished ( i didnt say was abducted) into thin air yet the mcanns have had no punishment at all!!!
    • chappelle
      8 May 2011 10:17AM
      Leaving a 3 year old in a house without supervision so you can go to the pub is unacceptable. I never did it. Nor did my parents, nor did my friends. Ever.
      Well, they did and they've suffered massively for the mistake. Must be nice to know that you've lost your daughter and everyone thinks you brought it on yourselves.
      God forbid that you shouldn't leave your child upstairs in their room thinking that they're safe there with the door locked.
      Consider the sentence "well, if you're just going to leave your child in your room, then you've only yourselves to blame if she's abducted" in comparison to the attitude displayed to rape victims. Were they "asking for it" too?
      I hope nobody has to know what it feels like to lose a child, I hope they get rather more compassion and less condemnation than the McCanns.
      Nice one, BE, well said.
    • Folklover
      8 May 2011 10:17AM
      No Barbara, I´m not one of your McCann haters: can´t be bothered. I see myself more as a truth seeker.
      But what I really do hate, to the depths of my being, is the feeling that someone, somewhere, is trying to pull the wool over my eyes.
    • sufferlittlechildren
      8 May 2011 10:19AM
      folk what pains me is the sheepies who believe the mcanns every word just because they are Drs like that makes any diffrence drs should know better to leave children alone!!!! madeline mcann was said to have said to kate mcann why didnt she come when sean and herself were crying and kate brushed it off!!!!!
    • helpwith
      8 May 2011 10:22AM
      The other day, the COMARE committee announced that there is no evidence of increased cancer risks for those living close to the 13 nuclear power plants in Britain.
      Guess who was a member of that comittee, guess who's friend is the chairman of that committee ? Billions of pounds in contracts were at stake.
    • harbinger
      8 May 2011 10:33AM
      This is the McCanns' special circle of hell – they are off the current news agenda but for them the story isn't over
      Oh no this is not a special hell, this is the modern hell for all those who seek publicity through today's media.
      This is what life amounts to for so many people anxious for their fifteen minutes of fame -- year of anguish and hell wondering why you are no longer on the news agenda and everyone has forgotten you.
      As terrible as the loss of a child is, the McCanns' should have been more careful about invoking the great media circus in their entirely justifiable search for their daughter.
      And finally is it not so utterly superficial of Barbara Ellen to think 'hell' for the McCanns is to be consigned to media history?
      Their real and ever present hell is losing a child -- frankly, losing media top billing doesn't come into it.

    8 May 2011 12:09AM
    Every day must be a living hell for them

    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 12:28AM
      I dont think they would be so reviled if they were not so bloody irritating.
      However, Its not a popularity contest and they are trying to find their kid.
      I hope they do.
    • Fraudhater
      8 May 2011 12:33AM
      The fund money is to FINANCIALLY ASSIST THE McCann family!!! Never forget! The McCanns did pay mortgages and very expensive top lawyers.
      The couple could fly to Portugal and formally request the reopening of the investigation into Madeleines fate. But they don´t do. That is very very very fishy.
      Unfortunately a fact is is also that Kate and Gerrys private investigators did NOT follow up every lead. WHY??
      That is not what the money should be for: top lawyers, family, mortgages, cops who do not follow up leads, censorship (McCanns did try to ban case expert Dr. Amarals book).
    • MrRipley
      8 May 2011 12:49AM
      The people who blame them for leaving their children alone always seem positively delighted that something bad ended up happening to one of them. Taught them, didn't it? When people go on holiday they tend to, rightly or wrongly, feel safer in a different environment and behave in a more relaxed way than they do at home. They made a mistake, their lives are now a living torment and people should stop getting their cruel little kicks by gloating over it.
    • cellxcell
      8 May 2011 1:08AM
      I dont think they would be so reviled if they were not so bloody irritating
      Yes .. people who just happen to be attractive and articulate are so irritating. How dare they be so careless as to misplace a child
      Jesus wept ..
    • tish
      8 May 2011 1:11AM
      I think the McCann's are victims of the mentality of the last ten years that parents are entirely responsible for everything that happens to their children. It seems to be taken for granted these days that if your child becomes a drug addict, or anorexic, or fails at school it is your fault for not being a good enough mother or father, there is a complete unwillingness to see children as part of society, instead they are entirely the responsibility of their parents. Therefore, if your child is unlucky enough to be murdered or abducted, it must be your fault as well, you shouldn't have left them alone, you shouldn't have let them go out at night, you shouldn't have lived in such a rough area.
      The McCann's are undeniably the biggest victims of this but I've noticed it about other murdered children as well, when Ben Kinsella was stabbed I read a number of comments on the internet arguing that he shouldn't have been out at a bar anyway as he was only 16, so really it was his parents fault that he died, if they'd been stricter it would never have happened. I think this sense of misguided blame culture is partley motivated from fear, we are all so terrified of this kind of thing happening to our own children that we need to convince ourselves it never will, so we tell ourselves that the parents must have brought it on themselves in some way. It's a very disturbing trend.
    • simcal
      8 May 2011 1:30AM
      There but for the grace..............I cannot begin to imagine the living hell they have gone through, as for the people who denigrate them, they make me sick. Compassion is obviously an alien trait.
    • indifferentbird
      8 May 2011 1:58AM
      There but for the grace indeed....though most of us (I am a far from perfect parent) don't leave our children in a strange room in a strange country to dine with friends. I do flit between feeling the awful pain this family must be going through and the brass cheek they must have if one of them is at all culpable. There are a lot of gaping holes in the story. From all angles.
      I hope this is fund raising by a desperate mother and not excuse making by a guilty party....
      I, like everyone, just don't know.
    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 2:00AM
      Thats not what I meant. Or said.
      I find them neither attractive or articulate
      If I met them down the bookies they'd irritate me.
      I did not say they misplaced their kid either.
      Jesus did not weep.
      And at the risk of repeating myself I shall repeat myself.
      I hope they find their kid.
      So lighten up
    • HamsterMan
      8 May 2011 2:17AM
      I think the McCann's are victims of the mentality of the last ten years that parents are entirely responsible for everything that happens to their children.
      Rubbish. This isn't Sarah Payne, where a 9 year old was doing the quite normal thing of playing outside. That sort of thing can happen, and every parent has to accept those risks to grant children freedom.
      Leaving a 3 year old in a house without supervision so you can go to the pub is unacceptable. I never did it. Nor did my parents, nor did my friends. Ever. A child that age can get up after a nightmare, or fall out of bed, or all sorts of things.
    • megan1227
      8 May 2011 2:21AM
      Finally someone in the media has called out these hateful, vile people for the scum that they are. They taunt and spread lies about the McCanns. They latch-on to the sacred dogs and cheer-on Amaral. They refuse to even look at logic. They hand-out leaflets and lies about them. It's relentless and yet this is the first time that anyone in the media has reported what many of us have known about for the past four years.
      It's been pure hell for the McCanns without Madeleine; but it's been exacerbated by the personal vendetta these people have been on.
      Thank you Barbara for bringing these cockroaches out into the light.
    • cellxcell
      8 May 2011 2:57AM
      Thats not what I meant. Or said.
      I find them neither attractive or articulate
      If I met them down the bookies they'd irritate me.
      I did not say they misplaced their kid either.
      Jesus did not weep.
      And at the risk of repeating myself I shall repeat myself.
      I hope they find their kid.
      So lighten up
      So just what do you find so irritating about two parents who are desperate to discover what happened to their daughter.. Of course you can always phone in to the Ken Bruce on radio 2 show at 9.30 on Monday ( Mrs McCann is speaking live on air to try to jog peoples memories ) you can then tell to her face (so to speak) just how irritating she is
    • ArthurSpooner
      8 May 2011 3:07AM
      Finally, sorry....again, the subservient media succumbs to the Clarence Mitchell/McCann publicity machine and fails to question the glaring discrepancies in this sorry story. Poor Madeleine has become a secondary diversion to the parents push to make even more money from their unrelenting campaign to make themselves out to be the victims. They're quite happy to be seen as negectful of 3 children aged 3 and under, as it diverts attention from the true facts of this case.
      What's happened to good old-fashioned investigative journalism where serious questions are asked?
    • cellxcell
      8 May 2011 3:10AM
      I hope this is fund raising by a desperate mother and not excuse making by a guilty party....
      As with nocausetoaddopt you are also welcome to phone in to the Ken Bruce show and ask this question to Mrs Mccann herself . one assumes you have the courage of your convictions to voice your concerns to her direct
    • JamesStGeorge
      8 May 2011 3:11AM
      It is high time the McCann haters pushed off.

      It is high time the McCann believers pushed off.
      No evidence either way on what happened to the child.
      All we do know is they abandoned their children including one even younger, alone for the sake of a meal out, while having dragged them abroad for their adult holiday. And their use of legal attacks to close down any consideration of anything but their story. Not great objects of unconditional sympathy.
    • indifferentbird
      8 May 2011 3:14AM
      Nobody finds parents who've lost their children annoying just because. The fact with the McCanns is that they were irresponsible at best and sinister at worst.
      I am not for a moment suggesting that they deserve the loss of their daughter, or the more awful fate that is never knowing what happened to her.
      But there are huge holes in their stories, and also the flawed investigation by the Portuguese police. It, like all missing persons investigations, needed to be spot on from day one to work. It was far from.
      What remains unknown is whether the McCanns suffered for that failure or benefited. Undeniably, there are a lot of very dodgy myths.
      I prefer to think they tell the truth. Indeed, how can anyone convince nine other educated adults to lie for so long under the circumstances? The dinner guests have never contradicted one another or the McCanns.
      My instinct is that they are honest. But there is still the possibility that they aren't.
      The alternatives to the McCanns' involvement are also impossible and far fetched. Therein lies the problem.
    • zenandpeace
      8 May 2011 3:18AM
      Arthur, nice try! The McCanns unrelenting campaign is to find their child. Your unrelenting campaign is to pour salt into an already open wound. Let it go!
      Old fashion journalism?! Are you kidding? It's an old fashion witch-hunt!. I neither know Clarence Mitchell nor work for him.
      I'm just tired of people like you that have to terrorise a suffering family. You and your kind are nothing less than terrorists!
    • zenandpeace
      8 May 2011 3:24AM
      Megan, Keir Simmons posted an entry on his blog about these horrible people too.
    • cellxcell
      8 May 2011 3:25AM
      My instinct is that they are honest. But there is still the possibility that they aren't.
      The alternatives to the McCanns' involvement are also impossible and far fetched. Therein lies the problem.
      Then take part in the phone in ... ask her ,or stop posting anonymously and voice your concerns to the police if you have evidence. Otherwise it just seems like cowardice and gossip
    • megan1227
      8 May 2011 3:32AM
      @cellxcell, they won't dare call in. They could be traced that way. They prefer to cyber-bully. That's more fun for them and then they get their online friends and cohorts to join in. Barbara's right. It's all a game to them and it's like a drug. The more they do it, the more they get off on it.
      If they call in or are traced, they can be held accountable for their cyber-bullying and stalking of this family. They are cowards and as Keir Simmons said, "they represent the worst of the human psyche electronically unleashed."
    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 3:50AM

      I would have no problem with that but Ken Bruce irritates me also. Then again what would be the point. I,m responding to this article not them, or you.
      At the risk of repeating myself a third time I feel I must repeat myself a third time.
      I hope they find their kid.
      Ken Bruce indeed
    • indifferentbird
      8 May 2011 3:54AM
      megan1227 and cellxcell
      Are you working for some PR company? Your demands and accusations suggest as much.
      "Then take part in the phone in ... ask her ,or stop posting anonymously and voice your concerns to the police if you have evidence. Otherwise it just seems like cowardice and gossip"
      I don't post anonymously. I post on the CiF site much the same as all contributors do. I have no 'evidence'. Indeed I have stated that my position on the matter rests on the lack of, or the conflicting nature of the evidence. I have said I no not whether the McCanns have anything to hide or not. So, why accuse me of having reached a position. I have clearly stated I have none.
      "@cellxcell, they won't dare call in. They could be traced that way. They prefer to cyber-bully. That's more fun for them and then they get their online friends and cohorts to join in. Barbara's right. It's all a game to them and it's like a drug. The more they do it, the more they get off on it."
      What gibberish. And why, exactly would anyone fear being traced? Is this a threat?
      Jo (look at my profile) no secrets
    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 3:56AM
      Whats the matter with your coupon?
      Cyber bully?
      Online friends?
      Like a drug?
      Worst of the human psyche?
      I see you can type.
      But can you read???
      At the risk of repeating myself etc etc etc...............
    • cellxcell
      8 May 2011 4:09AM
      Come now , heres your chance to vent your spleen against Mrs McCann and tell her just how irritating she is .. what with her going on and on about her missing daughter …… go on . we wouldn’t want people accusing you of being a cowardly keyboard warrior would we
    • indifferentbird
      8 May 2011 4:16AM
      They are fishy aren't they? Did I at any point say anyone was guilty of owt? No.
      Very strange posts. Angry rantings about anonymity when everyone on here has the same opportunity to identify themselves. And are advised against positive attempts to do so.
      My posting history is such that I've pinpointed my position in the country several times over. Indeed, I feel part of a community here on CiF and am well identifiable. Even safe.
      I'm now worried (though not too much).
    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 4:17AM
      Being accused of being a cowardly keyboard warrior by the innately insane likes of your good self is a less cross to bear to have to put up with than a double dose of Ken Bruce and Mrs McCann.
      Go make yourself a cup of tea.
    • indifferentbird
      8 May 2011 4:18AM
      Nobody wants to vent a spleen at Mrs McCann!!
      The way you are accusing people of things suggests you are in the employ of a PR company or some such.
      Which in itself raises suspicions?!
      Jo (with nowt to hide)
    • cellxcell
      8 May 2011 4:20AM
      let us agree to differ ..must go to bed ( work tommorrow )
      althought i agree with megan1227 you will note i did not quote him/her ... he/she has no history till tonight so may be a troll ...i never reply or use trolls to back me up
      sorry if my poor spelling offenced you
    • indifferentbird
      8 May 2011 4:28AM
      Yes, I'm sure Can Associates has a busy schedule planned for you.
      And megan127
      Anyway, those of us that aren't 'in the employ' or bonkers can continue.
      Though with a lump in the throat because on some level you make it enjoyable.
      Jo (Bio Medical Scientist from Birmingham who doesn't want to be identified!!!)
    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 4:30AM
      I,m not offended.
      I,m parent myself. Should I be in such a position I would be mortified .
      I did say I hope they find their child so why such vitriol is beyond me
      That does not mean others don,t find ME irritating. Thats allowed.
      And anyway, your spelling is perfect I just trying to rile you.
    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 4:35AM
      Fishy indeed.
      In their eyes I,m the mysterious figure on the grassy knol, and drive a white fiet punto.
      Of course it would take a couple o Brummies to mark their card.
      Ken Bruce indeed
    • indifferentbird
      8 May 2011 4:43AM
      I've no agenda at all. Why would I? Not a journalist. Not a novelist. Not clever enough.
      Just putting down my take on the populace's doubts either way. Never stated a position in fact.
      And...ouch...didn't it upset certain folk?
      Accusing us of anonymous cyber bullying!? Loyal 'pit bull' friends. Or paid. Who knows. Not rational in any case.
      I am only anonymous in the sense that everyone on here is, including them (I suspect one person).
      Hey ho.
    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 5:03AM
      I understand that.
      I read what people write.
      I think our posts were both sympathetic and reasonable in the first instance so what exactly the issue was is anybody s guess.
      Perchance cyber bullying is something they are more accustomed to.
      Sounded like some sort of orangebox ranters with a tiny axe to grind.
      Like i said. Susspect one and the same
      Journalist, novelist or not your opinion seems intelligent enough to me.
      As parents we know we dont just misplace kids. This couple must be in turmoil.
      And I do believe they are quite genuine.
      And I sincerely hope they find her.
    • indifferentbird
      8 May 2011 5:11AM
      Agreed. I hope I didn't seem too infantile when dealing with cellxcell. I know I became flippant, which was never the intention. I first posted in good faith. Stating my true position, that is that nobody knows what happened.
      Sadly, it all got hijacked.
    • nocausetoaddopt
      8 May 2011 5:28AM
      Couldnt agree more.
      none of us were there.
      Fundamental fact though is that a child is missing and the parents must be distraught. However long ago.
      So somebody took her. Thats the bastard we should be pinpointin.
      Fingerpointing at the likes of us is neither here nor there.
      think you dealt with cellxcell sublimely.
      Ken Bruce indeed.
    • Berchmans
      8 May 2011 6:36AM
      ## I dont think they would be so reviled if they were not so bloody irritating. ##

      People respond in different ways to horror. Kate wears her anguish on her face and cannot put it on for the press. We want her to smile and she wont. Why would she?
    • Keo2008
      8 May 2011 6:47AM
      @Berchmans: I agree that the comment about Mrs McCann being ïrritating"is irrelevent here.
      I have every sympathy for the family (one of my relations had Dr McCann as his surgeon and cannot speak too highly of him), but it remains disturbing that they would leave their small child unattended that night. That was their only mistake, and it must torture them every day- but let's be clear, it was a mistake and it was their mistake.
    • lizzybee
      8 May 2011 7:14AM
      My sympathies in this case are entirely with Madeleine. Her parents, to a large extent, have brought this distress upon themselves but that little girl was completely innocent and for her sake, I hope she is one day found, safe and well.
      But if we're going to talk about vilification, look at what happened to Lindy Chamberlain ...
    • Schuh
      8 May 2011 7:35AM
      I cannot imagine the perpetual torment of having lost your beloved child and knowing that you are partly culpable and being reviled by strangers for your culpability. As much as anything else McCanns' book is probably a way of dealing with their grief and feelings of guilt.
      I hope that the writing the book brought them a small measure of relief. And most of all, of course, I hope that proceeds of the book result in them finding their daughter or at least the chance to bury her and say goodbye properly.
    • WinstonThatcher
      8 May 2011 7:36AM
      Even if the poor woman, having had her daughter kidnapped and God knows what else, strives to earn a few quid from a book, good on her, I say. I do wish those who espouse this puritanical, po-faced hatred of profit would do us all a massive favor and **** off
    • jinvta
      8 May 2011 8:04AM
      The author of this article confuses the questioning of the McCanns unbelievable version of events with hatred for the couple. Most people don't know the McCanns and therefore cannot hate them. As mentioned above, there are glaring inconsistencies in the McCanns and their friends version of events, which could have been cleared up if Kate had answered all 48 police questions, if the McCanns and their friends all returned for a reconstruction as requested by police, and if the McCanns had submitted to polygraph tests as they had promised to do back in 2007. The suspicion of the McCanns rests mainly with their own actions and refusal to cooperate with an official police investigation. The secrecy of the expenditures of the "fund" is also very suspicious, as early figures showed less than 15% being spent to actually search for Madeleine, with the majority of the money spent going to legal and PR fees to protect their reputations. Not everyone is so easily fooled.
    • rosybeeme
      8 May 2011 8:08AM
      In the seventies my closest friend was raped and murdered. Her killer has never been found and one of the reasons for that may well be the negative publicity about her that was published in the tabloid press which made the case seem less of a priority for the police than violence against 'innocent' victims. An affair with her (married but separated) employer, dropping out of university early and other details of an otherwise perfectly innocuous personal life were first wheedled out of unsuspecting friends and family and secondly distorted and manipulated for the sake of a 'good story'. I learnt at first hand just how poisonous and cynical the media can be.
      To all those posting here and elsewhere with so little compassion or understanding of how the media manipulate personal tragedies like the McCann's for profit, shame on you, where is your common humanity? Are your lives so blameless (or so shallow) that you have the right to sit in judgement on people you only know through the dirty prism of the press?
    • swedendtry
      8 May 2011 8:08AM
      The problem with this article that it brands anyone who questions events "haters" People who will not go along with the mantra that it's "OK" to leave young children alone and "everyone does it" are called cruel and unkind. People who question whether the of spending large amounts of the fund on legal issues is within the spirit of what the public donated for, are called vultures, pitchforkers etc..
      Any means possible are used to close discussion sites or the comment section in newspaper articles, regardless of whether reasonable discussion is taking place or not (this comment section won't last long either) including the clever use of Trojan horses.
      So if you see dreadful comments don't automatically assume it's those who question the events that are posting them. When abusive and libellous comments are brought to the attention of journalists they get the necessary material to write sympathetic articles and the closure of a comment sections gets justified.
    • Amadeus37
      8 May 2011 8:36AM
      At the time my main fear was that raising such a stir would push a captor into killing her.
      I have this horrible thought that she was told to keep quiet for fear of waking the babies which was why she did not cry out.
      I do think she should not have been left in charge of her two younger siblings.
      I found this particularly wrong when they were both doctors who are continually telling us how to behave.
      However, the hell they are living is enough punishment.
      Unfortunately, in this case, there is no moving on, ever.
    • paul1701a
      8 May 2011 8:42AM
      As a fellow journalist, I find it often unbelievable the amount of support the Mccann family receive and quite unjustifiably.
      Barbara needs to take a long look at the behaviour of Kate and Gerry, who singularly never did anything to search for Madeleine themselves, but were quite happy to let others do it for them, whilst they gallivanted across the globe on publicity tours.
      Quite frankly Barbara your assertion they never seek or sought publicity is ludicrously stupid in the extreme. They loved it until they began to get people who asked pertinent questions of why they left three under age children , whilst they were out at the Tapas Bar drinking.
      So Barbara, let's here your response to that.
      Also, she talks about posters vilifying the Mccanns. Why doesn't she comment on the sheer nastiness and hatred perpetuated by supporters of the Mccanns, which they have never criticized. It really takes two to tango.