Saturday, May 7, 2011

Daily Express comments on Kates 'account of her truth'...Comments section now closed.

07.05.11, 11:35am
6 medics abandon their children on a nightly basis - have they been reprimanded, never mind charged with neglect? 4 mothers walk out of their holiday apartments and leave their little toddlers unsupervised for hours at a time?? The PJ investigated abduction at the start - it was the British police who advised them to investigate homicide and with the parents as prime suspects. Why did Kate deny the possibility of waking and wandering?? Because her kids were sedated?? I hope the police go through this book with a fine tooth comb - and compare it with the statements.
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07.05.11, 11:32am
i hope Kate tells us again about the SMASHED shutters !! but i would like to bet she doesnt ,and the reason why the 100% accurate cadaver dog found Maddies death scent in 5a,hire car and on Kates clothes ,they are pushing the luck they have had for 4 years by having friends in high places soon this luck will run out and they WILL be brought to account for what they did ,and the day cannot come soon enough RIP ****, betrayed by the people who should have died for her
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07.05.11, 11:27am
What SEARCH is Kate reffering to? they never even searched on the first night they started this ENORMOUS farce And in the 5 months Kate taken writing this fairy story why didnt see jump on a plane answer the 48 questions she flatly refused to answer(Remember the LTD CO slogan"NO STONE UNTURNED" all they have to do is answer questions,do reconstruction they ALSO flatly refused to do and the case will be re-OPENED ,but they have said they do NOT want case re-OPENING,you have to ask yourself why ?This book is about MONEY not ****,they also have the FAKE petition ongoing ,it is not on the official petition site ,you do not even have to verify signatures,so not worth a light ,as **** already know, just more propaganda ,and the uk government have already told them they will NOT act on it, there are over 650 Mps in Uk and not ONE has offered to help ,again ask WHY?They have got away with a LOT of things in the last 4 yrs ,and its time this circus was stopped ,and **** to get the justice she so deserves ,may **** and ALL who defend them rot in hell
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07.05.11, 11:02am
There was no entry through any windows because they have a mechanism to stop that happening,this was told to the policeman who led the Bulger case by a top employee of the ocean complex where the **** stayed.The **** are asking the world to believe that Gerry last saw **** at 9pm and Jane Tanner saw the abductor carrying **** at 9.10pm,so in that 10 mins between sightings of **** this abductor somehow got into the apartment,manouvered in total darkness(Kate admitted the apartment was in darkness) found ****,drugged all three children(Gerry said in the Panorama docu that he thought the children had been drugged)picked her up(why he chose the heaviest and oldest child)carried her to the window and somehow got himself and **** through the window,and got outside and walked right passed Gerry and Jeremy Wilkins who were talking outside,oh and this thoughtful paedophile abductor even made Madeleines bed,and all this plus he must of had special powers because not one single dna cell was found in the apartment.I suggest the Express ought to find it's guts and serialise Amaral's book,because i know which version of the two books i believe,and the express know it too.
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07.05.11, 10:45am
I just don`t get how the police perspective and the McCann`s perspective can be poles apart. I see Kate is still suggesting the apartment window was the entrance/exit point when it has been proved impossible. This case will always intrigue me, purely because of all the lies told. It comes down to `who do you believe, the police or the McCanns`. A balanced view of this case cannot be formed until the case records and Dr. Amaral`s book studied.
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07.05.11, 9:45am
"The idea of a monster like this, touching my daughter, stroking her, defiling her perfect little body, just killed me over and over again." Kate McCann

Yet you are still pals with Dr David Payne who, according to the K.Gaspar statement, described in words and gestures his desire to sexually abuse **** McCann?

Your husband laughed it off and then you went on holiday with Payne again?.
Cheshire Cat

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07.05.11, 8:06am
The ****'s are to blame for the abduction of their daughter. No one else. They were her parents and every child places their trust in their mother and father to look after them and protect them from harm. Kate ****'s mother, Mrs Healey was openly critical on television of her daughters behaviour immediately after **** was abducted. The reason given for writing this book of self flagellation is because the ****'s funds are fast diminishing. It would have helped if they hadn't flown around the world on "fact finding missions" and the litigation of the Portuguese police officer who wanted to publish his own memoirs on this shocking abduction. The impression is that the majority of the public are fed up with the senior ****'s but their sympathies are fully with ****. This is one book I shall not be purchasing.
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**** BOOK
07.05.11, 8:02am
Kate and Gerry **** were responsible for the death of their child.**** was drugged to keep her quiet while her parents went out.The twins were also drugged.One other blogger has suggested that a national newspaper with some b*lls should serialise Amarals book which the **** tried to ban.I repeat again,the **** killed their child.If they wish to prosecute me for libel i will see them in court.I live in Spain but would gladly return to Britain for any court case they or their lawyers wish to bring.
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07.05.11, 7:41am
By the way i do hope a newspaper with an ounce of guts will serialise Goncalo Amaral's book,the one these pair tried to ban,but ultimately has failed.
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07.05.11, 7:38am
Kate **** likes nothing more than being on 'the global stage' as the express puts it,they are both narccisstic,i do hope she has mentioned the two sniffer dogs who reacted to the scent of blood and cadavar in their apartment but not in any others,i do hope she mentions Katherine Gaspars statement to police describing alleged disturbing behaviour toward **** by Dr David Payne in which the **** said nothing,i do hope she mentions how the men of the tapas nine would allegedly bathe each others children,that is very disturbing in itself ,yet the press say nothing but then they are fully paid up members of the sychophantic fawning fan club of this fake pair.Look on you tube for some of their interviews and you'll see laughter when the cameras stop rolling,but doe eyed Kate when they are rolling,says it all.I see no guilt whatsoever.
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07.05.11, 2:05am
Just how much more bilge can this horrid couple spew out of their gobs!, there was no abduction, why does the British media continue referring it as such, an abduction was ruled out by the police, why do the **** have the power to force people to keep calling it so & gag anyone else who disagrees, despite all the contradictory evidence?.
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07.05.11, 1:00am
Another million required to protect the Tapas reputations? Poor ****!
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07.05.11, 12:37pm

Why doesnt Kate go back to Portugal and answer the 48 questions she has refused to answer and ask for the case to be reopened? Why didnt the **** search for **** the night she went missing? This book smacks of one last desperate attempt to get money.

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07.05.11, 11:47am

As someone who has read every police file ,statement etc on this case from a few days in ,when it was clear to see this was no abduction ( the ONLY ones ever to claim it WAS is ****) I said GREED would be the thing that catches them ,they will get too brave, get too greedy and the **** house of cards will come crashing down ,the end is in sight ****

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