Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kate McCann hangs Oldfield out to dry...

Kate Healy's 'account of the truth ' seems to have already hit a snag , no wonder she needed friends to jog her memory. According to their statements Matt Oldfield did the 9.30check he looked into the room even going  as far as  to wrongly descibe the colour of the curtains !  Matt checked the children while readily admitting he did not see Madeleine ! but he did see the twins??????...he therefore would have had to move the position of the door to gain entrance.....BUT in Kates 'account of the truth'   she claims the door was not in the position she and Gerry had left it... this of course would have been when they left the children alone ...together... after this she could not possibly have known the position of the door as McCann and Oldfield had both visited the apartment and both had moved the angle of the door. Or had they? either way ,Matt not stupid enough to admit to being the last one to see Madeleine alive...that was down to Gerry and his 9pm check !

She tells how she realised something was wrong when she noticed that the door to the children’s bedroom was wide open – not as she and her husband had left it. She glanced at Madeleine’s bed but couldn’t make her out in the dark.

Graphic: Louis Turner
The real Madeleine McCann story by SPUDGUN

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