Monday, May 9, 2011

Kate McCanns thoughts when explained about cadaver findings...

What was he doing? I thought. Just following orders? Under my breath, I found myself whispering, "F****** tosser, f***** tosser." This quiet chant somehow kept me strong, kept me in control. This man did not deserve my respect. "F****** tosser."

Ricardo had told him, too, that they had recovered Madeleine's DNA from inside the hire car, using the "best forensic scientists in the world".

When Gerry asked to see the DNA report, Ricardo became quite flustered, waving PC Grime's document in the air and saying, "It is the dogs that are important!"
At that point Gerry began to feel a lot better. He realised that no one could have planted forensic evidence to implicate us because - despite what we had been led to believe by the PJ and the newspaper headlines - there wasn't any such evidence.

They had no proof that Madeleine was dead. All they actually had was the signal of a dog trying to please its instructor in an apartment from which Madeleine had been taken three months earlier.

As we now know, the chemicals believed to create the "odour of death", putrescence and cadaverine, last no longer than 30 days. There were no decaying body parts for the dog to find. It was simply wrong.