Friday, May 13, 2011

Piers Morgan and that nauseating interview.

Piers Morgan (PM): Why didn’t you just pay to have a nanny if you wanted to go out to dinner?

Gerry (GM): We did what we thought was best….If you’re children are asleep upstairs in a bedroom and you’re dining (outside) in the garden, you can’t hear them. And that’s the similar thing to me.

PM: But most people’s homes are secure. (The resort) wasn’t a secure property. People could come in off the street…

GM: It gets back to the safety issue.  We did not perceive an element of threat. Child abduction is so rare.  Why would you have ever thought that someone would have entered the apartment and steal your child? It just didn’t enter our head.

Kate: We’ve been through all these questions, day in and day out….we felt really safe….and there’s no way we would have taken a risk.

GM:  (These questions on our behavior) take the focus away from the abductor, and that becomes quite frustrating for us….Those responsible for taking her are still at large.