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Russell O'Brien: Prime suspect in removing Madeleines body from apartment 5a..or cleaning up the McCanns apartment using his washing machine?
Matt Oldfields Rog Statement

QUOTE:  So I felt completely icky all the day Sunday, so I think to try and avoid infecting anybody else, I didn’t do much outside the apartment and certainly in the evening I didn’t go for, erm, didn’t go for dinner with everybody else”.

OK So Matt was sick and stayed in the apartment he did not go for dinner Sunday evening.

Then why did O'Brien need Matts keys to check his apartment when Matt was already  in there ?


O'Brien: That, that, that is me talking about our arrangements in our flat, so it’s kind of all fused into one there. So maybe just to clarify that, it would be easier to say ‘In our flat we closed the patio door, shut and locked’, erm, ‘shut the blinds, the shutters down and locked the internal window, double locked the front door after we went out and the patio door was also locked, was closed and locked’.

So that was, that was our arrangements inside our flat. And then on Sunday ‘I recall I checked Kate and Gerry’s apartment as well as Rachael and Matt’s and my recollection is that I needed Matt’s key to check on their room and I had it, but I didn’t need Kate and Gerry’s key because they went through the patio door’,

Evening May 3rd around 8.30 pm Jez Wilkins saw Jane Tanner outside one of their apartments....she was dressed in purple. Tanner a look out possibly as the staged abuction was about to begin'?...There were times when O'Brien and Oldfield were away from the table at the same time.
The impression has been given that everyone was sitting at the table 'The Tapas 9 ' was in reality a table for eight ,  one was absent each evening due to' sickness.'

Russel O'Brien explaining his absence from the table.

 ‘Jane also went to check the children and was gone for a short time’, I think it was, to be more specific there ‘It was just a matter of a couple of minutes’.

Yeah, ‘She didn’t mention anything unusual’. ‘After we’d eaten the starters I needed to go to the toilet and Matt and I said we would go and check on the children’, yeah.

‘We altogether recall that the light was fading’, yeah, I think, erm, and we discussed this the other day, erm, and I did mention this to Stuart PRIOR as well, I mean, it says ‘was fading’ there, I think it was probably dark then, but I can’t actually picture the light, you were asking me about the street lights particularly”.

1578 “Yes”.

Reply “But when, when I was in the flat after, you know, just a little bit on from here, I can picture Matt when he came back from the flat and certainly he was standing in the doorway saying, you know, ‘Do you need any help or are you alright with E*on your own’, it was pretty, it was, it was pretty dark outside, admittedly standing inside with the light on at this point, but it was pretty dark, it was, erm, it was fairly dark”.

01.25.52 1578 “So are you happy with ‘The light was fading’?”

Reply “Yeah, well, yeah, I think it was, erm, the light, the light was, was, was quite, erm, was well on the way towards, erm, you know, dusk there. I don’t know whether that makes it sound like it was just beginning to, beginning to get dark or whether it was actually quite dark. I mean, I think a minute or, you know, or two after this point, where we were walking up, certainly from standing inside the apartment with Matt in the door, it looked, I can picture the background there and it was pretty dark, but then again you flick a light on and it will look dark”.

1578 “If you read on a sentence or two you should come to the point where Matt came to your apartment so we could add in it there?”

Reply “Yeah, we could, we could add, we could add it there, yeah, okay. ‘I went straight to five ‘D’, I could hear at the door E*was murmuring’, well ‘at the window’ rather than ‘the door’, I think”.

1578 “Sorry, where is that?”

Reply “Well the door is there and E*s in the bedroom next to it, so I would have thought we’d have heard it from, you know”.

1578 “’I could hear at the’?”

Reply “’Hear at the window E*was murmuring’”.

1578 “So we will substitute ‘door’ for ‘window’?”

Reply “’Window’, yeah. I think it’s the opposite way round really, ‘I went to the toilet to urinate’, and I knew, I knew, because E*was awake, I was staying anyway , so ‘I went to the toilet to urinate and then checked on E*and she had been sick’, so I think I actually went”.

1578 “Okay, I will swap those?”

Reply “Just round, yeah. I had a pee first because I was a little desperate.

Erm, ‘I started to clean her up and change her. Matt came into my apartment and asked if I needed any help. I said ‘No, go back and tell Jane that E**e was unwell’’”.

01.27.53 1578 “So if we include in there ‘Matt came into my apartment’?”

Reply “Oh yeah, yeah, ‘He asked if I needed any help’. Erm, at that point, erm, the external light was, was, was fairly low, it looked pretty dark, well I can picture Matt in the doorway and it was fairly dark”.

1578 “So your choice of words ‘pretty dark’ ‘fairly dark’?”

Reply “’Fairly dark’. Erm, the only other thing I can remember that we mentioned, I’m just going to see if it’s coming in the next, no, it’s not in here and I think it, I mean, we did mention it on Tuesday but it hasn’t been put here.

That, you know, given the amount of stick that, that I’ve had with the Portuguese Press for not requesting any fresh sheets for E**e, erm, I think I’d actually like to point out that the, that this wasn’t some third world, erm, apartment and it did actually have a washing machine.

 And, erm, you know, we’ve been, you know, they don’t know where it’s come from, but, erm, I don’t know whether it is a question that the PJ have particularly done, but, you know, every time I translated to the PJ, erm, the Portuguese Press article, it says that we never requested any, erm, we never requested any further sheets and if they were sick all over them then how could this be true.

But it’s quite sort of staggering that eight months later then the fact that there was a washing machine in the building isn’t in there, so I would be very keen for that to be put in please”.

1578 “Okay. So at the end of paragraph?”

Reply “So ‘I told him to go back and tell Jane that E**e was unwell’, erm, I’d obviously cleaned her up and changed her.

Erm, I think maybe what I would do is I’d say ‘Matt came into my apartment and asked if I needed any help, I said ‘No, go back and tell Jane that E**e was unwell’’ and then, because I don’t think that I would have had time then, it was then I started, ‘I got her out, I gave her a quick wash in the bath, changed her, got the sheet off the cot’, erm, and at least, whether I started the washing machine then, but at least ‘I put them in the washing machine and then sat down with E**e’. But I want it in there that there was a blo*dy washing machine in the apartment”.

01.30.16 1578 “’Gave E**e a quick bath’?”

Reply “Yeah”.

1578 “’Changed her’?”

Reply “’Changed her’ and, erm, and MARK WARNER do stretch to cleaning facilities on their holidays, so”.
1578 “’And placed bed linen’?”

Reply “Excuse to sound so cynical, but. ‘And placed’, well I don’t think, I don’t think I necessarily put the, I got the dirty linen and her clothes off and at least I think, you know, there was a few bits of sick and I probably gave them a rinse off in the bath and then just shoved them in the washing machine, whether I started it then or did it later I’ve no idea. But, you know, since we’ve been”.

1578 “’And placed clothing’”.

Reply “Suspicion has been put on us because, erm, we didn’t request any further sheets. I think I’d rather have it in there that, erm”.

1578 “’Into the washing machine’”.

Reply “That even as a man I can use a washing machine, staggering though that may sound. Anyway, enough of that. I think, erm, say ‘Jane came back, we were in the flat together for a number of minutes’, it might be worth adding, so ‘Jane came back having eaten her meal at approximately twenty-one forty’ or something like that”.

1578 “Right. So where are we now then?”

Reply “’I sat in the lounge and read to E**e. Jane came back having eaten her meal’ and I thought maybe say, ‘There was probably a number of minutes, no more than five, that’, erm, ‘where we were in the flat together’”.
1578 “‘We were in the flat together for about five minutes’?”

Reply “Yeah, it wasn’t more than that, but, erm, yeah, (inaudible) Jane having to relieve me (inaudible) Kate left the table.

Written here that ‘There was nothing significant about her leaving’, I think, I think we’d actually discussed that it wasn’t, it wasn’t a clear moment in my mind or certainly not like eleven months on, and again, you know, and again I don’t know what, what my original statement said, but certainly the comment that ‘The table was in good humour and there was nothing different about the nature or the mood there or the fact that anyone had got up and left’.

I don’t think anyone else got up and left after my return apart from, apart from Kate.

 Yeah, I’d say ‘I think it would have been about ten o’clock’, I didn’t have a watch. There was a point at this time where some, does it say here, that somebody around the table asked what the time was and I think Rachael asked and they answered that it was about ten o’clock.

That is probably worth saying, because I think, you know, there’s a little bit of, you know, erm, best, best estimate on some of the other times, there was, around the time of ten, there was actually somebody announced at the table it was about ten o’clock”.

01.33.45 1578 “So at the end of the paragraph?”

Reply “’Kate left the table, there was nothing significant about her leaving, but I think it was a similar time to my meal arriving’.

Oh yeah, yeah, I suppose that’s a point, erm. There it might say ‘The Tapas staff kindly re-cooked my main course’, because I got back at twenty-one forty-five, but the food was probably, you know, the best part of ten minutes later before I got it”.

1578 “Yes”.

Reply “Yeah”.

1578 “Probably if, the last sentence, this last sentence here”.

Reply “Oh yeah, straight after, yeah, good point, yeah. ‘After me arriving back I waited for them to cook a fresh meal’, say, ‘which arrived perhaps twenty-one fifty-five’ or ‘approximately twenty-one fifty-five’”.

1578 “’I know that she didn’t leave’, oh okay, ‘I know that she didn’t leave straight after me arriving back’?”

Reply “Yeah, yeah, I think there was, erm, there was a period of time, yeah. Yeah, that’s fair enough, it wasn’t sort of a question of me arriving and her going, it was a good, there was a fair amount of time before I got my food anyway.

May Calendar

ROB Phone Info

After this return to the antennae of Luz, only at 14:07:44 on 7th does one
observe a record outside that locality. That record occurs on the antenna
installed in the [parish] of Aljezur, municipal area of Aljezur, district of

The records return to the antennae of Luz at 14:24:00.

Curiously, on this day only Russell and Matthew activate other antennae outside
Luz. The first activates the antenna referred to before, while the second
activates "Budens 1".

If on the one hand the movement of Matthew to Budens is
acceptable, then the trip of Russell to Aljezur in these first days so soon after
the disappearance is somewhat strange
, it not being that, once more to the
picture of Fiona Payne on 12 July, there exists an error in the data that the
operator Optimus remitted to the Police.

There is an hypothesis of him having
made that journey, there being sufficient time for him to cover the distance that separates Luz from Aljezur (68 km.) at an average [speed] of 130 km/h.

Despite there being no other records from the mobile phones of the other members
of the group outside the antennae of Luz, there exist gaps in the times [of the
records] that make it possible for one of them to have accompanied him.

Therefore, accepting that Russell was effectively in the coverage area of that
antenna, then on this date the members of the group would already have had
access to a motor vehicle.

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