Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#McCann Case :LOOKING Back - The Fifth Anniversary Of Madeleines Death.

The evening of May 1st 2007, Mrs.fenn heard Madeleine screaming for 1 hour and 45 minutes 'daddy daddy' those screams haunt us all.

Before The Intervention Of Gordon Brown - No One Saw Madeleine With An Abductor - McCann using his accomplice Jane Tanner to support his crime said PROBABLY Carrying A Child   ! Listen very closely to the words of Gerry McCann in this video.

One must therefore question how did we go from Jane Tanner's POSSIBLY carrying a child and McCanns PROBABLY carrying a child  to this image and the framing of Robert Murat?

Link to how friends of McCann framed Robert Murat for the abduction of Madeleine.


From the statement of Silvia Batista

At a given moment, the deponent translated the deposition from one of the ladies that belonged to the group of English people, namely one that she indicates as being a brunette.

This lady told the GNR officers, and the deponent translated, that she had seen a man crossing the road, possibly carrying a child.
The deponent found that situation strange because she was convinced that when she saw this man, the lady was positioned in a spot that has no viewing angle to the location where she had seen the man.