Sunday, April 29, 2012

#McCann Case : Digital Spy Pick Up On The Fact That It Was Kate McCann Who Foiled Their Plans - It Was She And She Alone Who Changed The Direction Of The Investigation Bringing In The Cadaver Dogs Making Them BOTH Arguidos !


Apologies for the delay but earlier in the thread we were discussing when the PJ's investigation changed direction following the alerts by the British dogs. It was late July/early August 2007.

During his testimony on the first day of the injunction hearing, Inspector Ricardo Paiva the Police Liaison Officer stated that Kate McCann called him when Gerry was away and she was crying. "She said she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that we should search for her there. She gave the impression that she thought she was dead – it was a turning point for us. That is when we decided to send the specialist dogs in. British police informed us about how they could detect the scent of death." The land was searched but nothing was found.

Ricarado Paiva ' The Turning Point Was The Dream '


A second officer, Ricardo Paiva, said Portuguese police were suspicious of the couple's 'merchandising' operation in the months after Maddie disappeared. The Madeleine Fund they set up sold wristbands and T-shirts publicising the case and used the money to support the search.

Mr Paiva said they should have faced prosecution for leaving their children alone, saying: 'People have been arrested for far less - even in the UK.'
Former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral wrote a book accusing the McCanns of covering up their daughter's death

Kate #McCann : Her Words From Her Book 'madeleine'