Sunday, April 29, 2012

#McCann Case : Inside The Twisted Mind Of Ian Horrocks.

I am more convinced than ever that News International are behind the McCann missing person fraud. We now know for a FACT , the SUN , McCann's along with News International bullied David Cameron into reviewing the case. Theresa May on the otherhand would not budge or touch the couple with a bargepole. Max Mosley also knows for a FACT that Murdoch's company have blackmailed MP's and police officers.Tom Watson will this week write to MP's and ask them if they have been threatened by what can only be described as the Mafia.

Anything that comes from Scotland Yard has no credibility whatsoever, they have through hackgate been proven beyond any doubt to be corrupt and as Bob Quick pointed out well known for destroying evidence.

Barry George an easy way out for Ian Horrocks , just look at the mess to try and frame an innocent man , smacks of Robert Murat !