Thursday, April 26, 2012

#McCann Case : Gonçalo Interview Part Translation.

Taken from Jill Havern Forum we hope to have the full translation later today
An update about Goncalo Amarals' interview tonight from Carolina on Facebook

I just watched it and he was very good. He mentioned what happened to Ricardo Paiva with the entrapment and he also said that the investigators on his team are being persecuted. He says why does Redwood mention 195 leads why not just 5? He confirms that his opinion is based on facts but Redwood didn't say or even hint how he came to his "stupid" conclusion. He also made it clear that the McCanns never wanted the investigation to continue in 2008 and that anyone of the 3 arguidos could have asked for the case to remain open. GA also said that it is not possible for the PJ from Porto to investigate because you have to be where the crime took place. It was a good interview, Judite de Sousa let him talk and also asked intelligent questions. There's plenty more but I have see the recording later.

He also reiterated that he wants the case reopened but not on the terms that the English want to impose, which are an abduction and the parents innocence.[quote]