Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#McCann Case :Video - Criminal Profiler Pat Brown On Scotland Yard 'Review'

David Cameron IS now the most hated man in Britain , he has privatized the NHS and half the country do not even know it. He has cut the wages of medics who work in poor areas because they do not support what Cameron is doing. Richard Branson and SERCO both now own large chunks of what used to be the NHS and between them have made many changes, for example a hospital in Scotland now has robots instead of nurses !  ADD to that yesterday's PR stunt using a very many years dead Madeleine McCann as a political pawn has left many reeling. The LibCons, or rather the Conservatives are trailing well behind Labour and May 3rd, local elections take place, Cameron is terrified he will lose local seats . So, when you make your choice on polling day place your cross in any box but Labour or LibCon. If it was not for Gordon Brown and his Labour Government covering up the McCann scandal , Cameron would not have been able to use Madeleine in this way.

Pat Brown is totally confused as well she might be, she is in the process of witnessing the stench of British political corruption. But what will shock her to the core is when she finally realizes the British Government are using a dead toddler for votes and that is unforgivable in anyones book, except the McCanns of course where anything goes just so long as they don't have to do jail time !

TranscriptInterviewer (Sandy): A computer aged photo of missing girl Madeleine McCann. Now, this is what she might look like today at the age of nine, five years after she disappeared while on vacation with her family in Portugal. British investigators think that it is possible Madeleine is still alive and they have launched a massive review of more than forty thousand pieces of evidence. Joining us now Criminal Profiler Pat Brown and Pat is writing a book on the McCann case...hi Pat

Pat Brown: Hi Sandy

Sandy: So Scotland Yard wants to reopen the investigation and they’re saying the evidence suggests Madeleine may still be alive. Do you believe it?

Pat Brown: Well, I'm kind of wondering where they’re coming up with that because first of all if she were kidnapped and were somewhere out there in the world, she’s had her face – this is the most well known child, missing child, in the entire world with tremendous publicity, her photo has been everywhere and she has a particularly her unusual eye colour, coloboma, a real that somebody would never have seen her, or that anybody would keep her around with that particular, you know, identifying mark and run around and put up with her is so unlikely ... it’s hard to believe that she would pop up after all this time.

Also there’s the simple fact that if she were abducted it would be most likely by a local person right around Praia da Luz, er, that’s what all the evidence points to if it were an abduction, so we would be looking at a local child sex predator who would have probably killed her within the hour, that’s what we have for all the statistics, so I’m not quite sure where they’re coming from, I’m not sure what any of the evidence they reviewed tells them that she’s out there some place when they haven’t in fact even proven an abduction and they haven’t brought the parents back in and the friends and done all their proper re-interviews and they haven’t done another crime reconstruction. I’m not quite sure where they’re coming from but er there’s always hope and you know we have that.

Sandy: Yeah, no, true, it’s always good to have that but you know they've built up a huge er portfolio here if you will, thirty-seven investigators on the case now, they said that they've found a hundred and ninety-five investigative opportunities that weren’t looked at, some simple, some complex, and they’re only quarter way through the documents. Now I gather that they ... whatever they’re in the United, in the UK, holds no sway in Portugal, all of this would have to go back to Portugal, er, police in Portugal would it not?

Pat Brown: That’s correct. The Portuguese would have to reopen the case, which by the way can be reopened if the McCanns just ask it to be reopened. They have not done so. Er, but yes they would have to conduct the investigation. Now of course, if it’s true that the Met finds really great information that convinces the Portuguese police there’s something out there that they've completely overlooked, great information that say Madeleine is out there alive somewhere and they need to go look for her or that she isn't alive and that they can focus in on a suspect, well they would probably do that, but er, I’m just not sure where they’re coming from. As I said, when you, when you review a case you always go back to the beginning and I don’t understand why they, the, this particular investigation, this review shall we say, has skipped the beginning and gone to looking at a massive amount of tips because we all know that there’s so many tips that come in on cases you can drive yourself crazy running down every one of them. So you have to go back to the evidence and review the actual crime, all the crime scene evidence and start there.

Sandy: Okay, Pat Brown thanks so much

Pat Brown: Thanks Sandy.

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