Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Katrice Lee Case : Katrice Mom Deserves McCann Attention!

THE father of a British girl who went missing in Germany 30 years ago wants the Prime Minister to meet with her family as he did with the parents of Madeline McCann.

David Cameron promised to look into the case of Hartlepool youngster Katrice Lee, who disappeared from a British Army base in Germany in 1981, during Prime Minister’s Questions today.

It comes as Spanish police received a report of a possible sighting in the Costa Del Sol of missing youngster Madeline McCann, who went missing in Portugal in 2007.

Katrice’s family have battled for the Military Police to release files relating to the two-year-old’s disappearance for the past three decades.

Now her dad Richard Lee, from the Stockton Road area of Hartlepool, says Mr Cameron should meet with Katrice’s mum, just as he did with the parents of Madeline McCann.

Mr Lee, 62, said: “What I would like to see that Prime Minister do is at least give Katrice’s mother an interview.

“If Maddy McCann’s parents can go and see the Prime Minister then Katrice’s mother should be able to as well.

“There seems to be a two-tier system with missing children, those who have and those who have not.

“And I don’t say this to be nasty or bitter, but the McCanns have spent millions of pounds on their campaign.

“They’ve had better treatment and better media coverage.

“We haven’t been at this for four years, we’ve been at this for three decades, and I think the way that this family has been treated is despicable.”

Caroline Dinenage, who is the local MP for Katrice’s mother, Sharon, of Gosport, Hampshire, raised the issued in the House of Commons yesterday.

Mr Cameron met the McCanns while he was campaigning as the leader of the opposition.

When the McCanns sent him an open letter after he became Prime Minister he replied saying that the Metropolitan Police would be re-investigating the disappearance.