Monday, April 16, 2012

McCann Case : The #Untouchables - Dirty Bent Cops - Racism - And Deep Corruption At Scotland.

The Untouchables, another book on Scotland Yard corruption. Once again explaining in great detail, it is not what you know but who and the stench of corruption really does go right to the very top. In return this helps one to understand how people like the McCanns of this world through corrupt political connections can walk away from their crimes and by 'Dialing M for Murdoch' the media does the rest.

Once again McCann's name is not mentioned, no fraud fund money heading their way, no one to sue( and they really are small fry when you see the big picture ) it just simply explains that if you know the right people you can get away with anything, even murder as in the case of Daniel Morgan.


Paul Condon Commissioner (1993-2000)
John Stevens Commissioner (2000-2005); Deputy Commissioner (1998-2000)
Brian Hayes Deputy Commissioner (1993-1998)
Ian Blair Commissioner (2005- ); Deputy Commissioner (2000~-2005)
Dave Veness Assistant Commissioner
lan Johnston Assistant Commissioner
Mike Todd Assistant Commissioner
John Grieve Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Roy Clark Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Bill Griffiths Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Roger Gaspar Detective chief superintendent (Ghost Squad)
Dave Bailey Detective superintendent (Ghost Squad)
Dave Woods Detective chief inspector (Ghost Squad)
Andy Hayman Commander (CIB3/ClBlC 1999-2002)
Graham James Commander (Discipline & Complaints)
Ian Quinn Commander (CIB2)
Ian Russell Commander (replaced Quinn)
Dave Wood Detective chief superintendent (CIB3, replaced Gaspar)
Chris Jarratt Detective superintendent (CIBlC, replaced Woods)
Brian Moore Detective superintendent (ClB3 Operation Ethiopia)
John Coles Detective superintendent (CIB3 Operation Cornwall)
John Yates Detective superintendent (ClB3 Operation Russia)
Barry Norman Detective superintendent (CIB3 Operation Helios)
Martin Bridger Detective chief inspector (CIB3 Operation Ethiopia)
Bob Berger Detective chief inspector (CIBIC)
Chris McHaffey Detective chief inspector (CIB3)
Jill McTigue Detective chief inspector (CIB3)
Dave Pennant Detective chief inspector (CIB3)
Simon Cousins Detective chief inspector (CIB3 Witness Protection Unit)
Shaun Sawyer Detective chief Superintendent, (replaced Hayman)
Bob Quick Detective chief superintendent (CIB3, replaced Wood)
Barbara Wilding Deputy Assistant Commissioner (replaced Sawyer 2004)
Steve Roberts Deputy Assistant Commissioner (replaced Wilding 2004)
David Zinzan Detective Superintendent (IDG, formerly CIBIC)
Tony Fuller Detective Superintendent (IDG, replaced Zinzan)
Steve Foster Detective chief inspector (IDG)
Maxine de Brunner Detective Superintendent (ACG, formerly CIB3)
Jack Kelly Detective Inspector
Steve Bazzoni Detective Inspector
Adrian Harper Detective Inspector
Maggie Palmer Detective Inspector
Peter Ward Detective Inspector
Mark Holmes Detective Inspector

Geoff Brennan
Evelyn F1eckney
Hector Harvey
Michael Michael
Maurice O'Mahoney
Richard Price
Jason Procter
Ashley Sansom
Steve Warner

Kevin Garner
Duncan Hanrahan
Terry McGuinness
Neil Putnarn
Kalaish Sawnhney (Customs)

The Adams crime family (north London)
The Arif crime family (south-east London)
Henry Burgess
Kevin Cressey
John 'Goldfinger' Fleming
Ray Gray
Micky Green
Dean Henry
Jimmy Karagozlu
Bob Kean
John 'Little Legs' Lloyd
Chris McCormack
Clifford Norris
Kenny Noye (Kenneth Noye)
Stephen Raymond
Joey Simms
Michael Taverner
Gary Ward
Curtis Warren
'Tall' Ted Williams
Carl Wood
Brian Wright

Les Brown (solicitor)
Debbie Cahill (CPS)
Jon Rees (private investigator)

DC Geoff Baldwin (private investigator)
DS John Davidson (private investigator)
DS Sid Fillery (private investigator)
DC Nigel Grayston (private investigator)
DS Keith Green
DS Bob Harrington (private investigator)
DC Martin King (private investigator)
DI Alec Leighton (private investigator)
DI Keith Pedder (private investigator)

DS John Bull
DC Mick Carroll
DC Chris Carter
DC Michael Charman
DC Robert Clark
DC Declan Costello
D/Supt Ali Dizaei
DC John Donald
DC Chris Drury
DC Colin Evans
DC Paul Goscomb
DS Len Guerard
DS Eamonn Harris
DC Dave Howells
DS Paul Kelly
DC Tom Kingston
DS Gordon Livingstone
DI Fred May
DC Jeff May
DS Denis Miller
DC John Moore
DC Martin Morgan
DI Tim Norris
DC Mark Norton
DS Terry Q'Connell
DAC Brian Paddick
DI George Raison
DI John Redgrave
DC Tom Reynolds
DC Ian Saunders
DC Paul Smith
DC Dave Thompson
DS Barry Toombs
DS Gurpal Virdi
DC Austin Warnes