Saturday, April 28, 2012

#McCann #Leveson #FBI : Max Mosley - #NewsInternational has blackmailed MPs and others. Leveson must hear the truth'

Interesting article, but before listen again to a clip from Panorama. David Cameron was PRESSURED by News International the SUN AND the MCCANNS to review the case.Sounds like 'hug a hoodie Dave' may have been blackmailed. Lets face it the McCanns are not Cameron's type, too common, too uneducated, too arrogant . Also just call me Dave knows that Madeleine is dead and the political favour involved, as does Theresa May which is why she refused to give them the time of day!

Mr Mosley, who is a former president of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, said: "They [the Murdochs] simply don't care as long as they can sell a few newspapers."
He believes the Murdochs and their newspapers have suborned Parliament. "If I'd been a senior politician, they would never have published that story," he said. "They would have come to me with some of the pictures and said: 'You know, we've been given this story, but, you know, don't worry Max, we're not going to publish it' – but leaving, of course, hanging in the air what would happen if you did anything to annoy them."

He believes this is what happened to several politicians.

"That's exactly what I think has gone on and I believe they have done this to a number of people, some of them on the record. Tom [Watson] is on the record and there is a suggestion that they've done it to senior members of the police force. If it's true, it needs to brought out into the open with as many examples as possible so that one can see this has gone on," he said.

"I really believe that they ran their business rather like the East German government, or the Stasi, except that it wasn't the government it was the Murdoch organisation," he added.
"That sinister way of the Stasi (secret police) – that they would let you know things about you that you rather were not made public – I think it's exactly the same technique. I think that if we knew everything we might be quite surprised how – and for what reason – people were being kept under control."

Senior members of the police force blackmailed by Murdoch would explain Scotland Yard's pretendy review.

The bottom line Madeleine sells newspapers and to Murdoch that is all that matters, sales !

Clarence Mitchell , the cherry on the cake with his media contacts sales are booming. therfore is Mitchell on News Internationals payroll ?