Sunday, April 22, 2012

#McCann Case: #EtanPatz - A Parents Reaction When Police Are Digging For Your Childs Remains.

I said I would come back to this when I had found McCann's blog entry for the day the police were digging up the garden of Jennifer Murat, searching for the remains of dead Madeleine McCann.

The excavation of Murats garden began August 5th and carried on into August 6th.Please read blog entries for those two days in Gerry McCann's blog. Where would any normal parent be when the police were digging for your child's remains ? surely on year knees praying your baby was not in the earth of Murat's home, in constant telephone contact with the police, in church, standing outside Murat's home, distraught in turmoil, remember at this point Murat was the only suspect.

Shocking to read Gerry McCann spent those two days for what could have only been for me or any other normal parent a living nightmare . However, not it would appear for Gerry McCann, the narcissist physchopath spent that 'hellish' time discussing PR photo shoots and meets with the media. I have only realized just how disturbed Gerry McCann is along with his blog ,while Etan Patz parents wait and hope, McCann, was blogging with the knowledge Madeleine was NOT buried in the garden of Robert Murat's mother's home !

Please Read McCann blog entries for the days Aug. 5th - 7th August

Madeleine McCann Suspects garden dug up August 5th - 6th August

The parents of Etan Patz watch and wait while police dig searching for the remains of their son Etan.