Saturday, April 28, 2012

#McCann Case : Maddie Case STILL Without Credible Leads.

by Tânia Laranjo

A few days before the fifth anniversary since Maddie disappeared in Praia da Luz, Algarve, there are no new leads that could enable the reopening of the investigation. The Judiciary Police from Oporto has spent more than one year re-reading the whole process, but nothing was found that could help clarify the disappearance of the English girl.

The "195 leads" announced before yesterday by the British authorities whilst they are reviewing the archived process were not yet officially revealed to the Judiciary Police, as CM found out, because they only are avenues of investigation and not specific facts that may point to the child's whereabouts.

"This is just folklore [nonsense], in the field of the sightings, of the suspicions of mediums and psychics. The abduction thesis is just an opinion from someone who is free to say whatever he wants. And we should not forget that London's police [MET] has to justify the money spent on this investigation. They must give something to the public opinion", said Gonçalo Amaral, the former Judiciary Police inspector that coordinated the case, reaffirming that the investigation at the time followed all the rules.

"Maddie was last seen at 17:30 on May 3, 2007. At that time everything that could be done, was done and we were able to demonstrate that it was materially impossible for the child to have been abducted. Unfortunately we were not able to find her whereabouts".

Relative to the reanalysis of the process in Portugal, Correio da Manhã knows that the Portuguese review is not being done alongside the English review. Although occasionally there might be a cooperation between the two police forces, the objective is to give autonomy to each, so that they do not become contaminated.

In Portugal the reanalysis of the case did not allow to progress more than what was already established during the initial investigation. Nothing indicates that the child is alive.

Correio da Manhã, 27.04.2012

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