Tuesday, April 17, 2012

McCann Hoax To Sell The Bewk : Judicial Power official says the Renaissance to the news that had been given hints by the Portuguese authorities on the appearance of the girl in Spain is unfounded.

A possible candidate for giving the hoax story to the Spanish Press is Nacho Abad. Remember him ? he claimed he had leaked documents from the PJ, information on the 'crying incident'.A 'leak' that the McCanns arranged to take the heat away from their friends who were being interviewed with Paulo Rebelo, the rogatory statements, while the McCanns' were in Brussels.

The Judicial Police (PJ) categorically denies the story of the Spanish newspaper "Diario Sur", whereby the authorities of the neighboring country are investigating a new lead, allegedly given by Portuguese police about the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann.PJ says official source of the Renaissance that the news has no basis and that is completely false.According to "The Diary Sur", the new runway to the Spanish authorities arrived 10 days ago and realized that a girl with strong similarities to Maddie had been seen in the town of Nerja, near Malaga.

Obviously, the news media wants to sell, and McCann knows this, and makes it rain in the wet, the process dragged on until expiration and though the money will fall from somewhere, after all crime pays! »BemTeAvisei, A-Da-Other, 04/17/2012 20:27 ^ top
These parents should be ashamed, and do not go to police to spend time with their problems ... The Portuguese has more to do ... there is much to investigate, these people come back with the case of her daughter that they gave up taking care of these children in favor of their interest, which was enjoying with friends ... Have judgment ... »ANIBAL, pedroso, 17/04/2012 19:31 ^ top
after that there was interference from the own British government and British police in the process and the parents of the girl attacked with impunity against ... after seeing the argument of the Portuguese police reported the case that Amaral, never had any doubts. Probably we are dealing with a pedophile Lobi people at the highest level in England ... 1 2ComentarDeixe here your comments on this article. All comments are subject to mediation.
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