Tuesday, April 17, 2012

McCann Case : Why Do The Guilty Find It Necessary To Speak Out - To Insist On Constant Media Attention ?

The McCanns' believe by suing Gonçalo Amaral for defamation makes them look innocent .However, each time they insist on invading our homes spinning their folklore on TV screens with hosts who must surely be sick to the back teeth of Kates body language and whooshing of curtains along with the Gerry mantra ' It really was like eating in your own back yard' are, like us, suffering from McCann fatigue.Boredom, they are dull and boring. Their 'story' is dull and boring.

Pretty soon and I have noticed this on forums, twitter, facebook and other outlets it is starting to dawn on people that neglect never happened at all. And when enough of the public realize this hopefully the damn will burst.