Friday, April 20, 2012

McCann Case : The STAR Introduces - Billy Liar With Surname 'Sousa'

Dirty Des having some fun.
We of course know the McCann's are up to their old tricks, hoax sightings around the anniversary of their daughter Madeleine's death, attention seeking and of course to plug the bewk, only Des has not mentioned the bewk in this comic piece.... So, we have a Billy 'Sousa' Sousa, some may recall told us about the Smith sighting, how the witness had been close enough to state quite firmly there was no blood on the child,s clothing carried by the man he would later identify as Gerry McCann.

Madeleine appears to have outgrown her pyjamas in this sketch.

May 25th 2010, MOREIRA claimed he had waited 3 years to tell his story , and yes Madeleine WAS still in her jammy's.What an utter farce!

Today, my thoughts are with Etan Patz and his family who have suffered for 33 long years.


Student Billy Sousa
20th April 2012
By Jerry Lawton

A BRITISH holidaymaker has claimed he saw Madeleine McCann in the Spanish resort where police are searching for her.

Student Billy Sousa, 18, was having lunch with three pals in a bar overlooking a beach in Nerja on the Costa del Sol when a girl he believes could be the missing youngster walked past.

One of his friends shouted: “Oh God, she’s the spitting image of Madeleine McCann.”

The girl, who had dark blonde hair, pale skin and looked “seven or eight”, was with a 6ft, stocky, Middle Eastern man in his 40s with dark hair and stubble.

Billy said when the man saw they had spotted him he tugged on her hand and pulled her away.

But the pals did not report the sighting because the pair vanished before they could get a photo and they thought they would be laughed at.

This week Billy discovered police were searching the resort and passed his information to officers.

He said: “I just wish we’d done something about it there and then.

“There was just something so odd about this pale-skinned, English-looking girl walking along the beach front with a man who was of an entirely different race and appearance.

“The girl was looking around as though she was lost or didn’t know what was happening.

“I got a really good look at her face. She looked just like Madeleine. She was older obviously, but the features were identical.’’

Madeleine disappeared from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007, days before her fourth birthday.

Billy, from Portsmouth, was having lunch outside the Olas bar on or around July 18.

He added: “I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She looked like all the pictures I’ve seen of her. The man she was with looked like he was fairly poor, not a drifter but not a rich man.

“One of my friends thought he saw a woman with them but I didn’t. I was too focused on the girl.”

Spanish police swooped on the resort this week after a tip-off from colleagues in Portugal.

Madeleine’s doctor parents Kate, 44, and Gerry, 43, are monitoring the investigation. Their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said the couple were grateful for any help in the search.