Friday, April 20, 2012

#McCann Case : Eamon Holmes ' The Parents may be Complicit In This - Well Sometimes It's All Very Close To Home ' ....Eamon Holmes - If Only He Knew JUST How Close !

Sky News, Morning News Programme - Presenter Eamonn Holmes, 18 April 2012

Sky News Paper Review

18 April 2012
With thanks to A Miller for transcript

Eamonn Holmes and Louise Court, the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, discuss the headline in the Daily Express - 'Madeleine 'Spotted in Spain''

Eamonn Holmes: And we are going to start Louise, front page headline, and I hope this is true, there is some foundation to this. This is the front page of the Express Madeleine Spotted in Spain we re coming up to the 5th Anniversary of disappearance of young Madeleine McCann.

Louise Court: I think it's the point you've made Eammon I hope it's true. I mean there's supposedly been this tip-off that a girl looking like Madeleine has been spotted in Nerja the Costa del Sol.

Eamonn Holmes: Nerja would be about 270 miles, if you went right across the coast of Spain and Portugal, away from where she was abducted in Lagos.

Louise Court: And it must be totally the news that her parents want to hear. But I just also wonder how they must feel because, you know, your hopes are lifted and, you know, for them to be dashed again. It's just unbearable.

Eamonn Holmes: But you see, part of me just doubts whether this is true or not, or is it about just keeping the awareness, keeping the profile, keeping us all thinking about it? The parents may be complicit in this, I don't know, and encouraging these stories and keeping them out just to keep people aware. I found myself last week amazingly in Lagos, and then you do that thing - Where was the hotel? Where was the church they went to? Whatever. And you know a beautiful small place and you just wonder how it could have happened? But it is right that we all should be aware of this and we only hope there is some truth in that.

Louise Court: But you always seem to get these sightings in the Mediterreanean and in in these coastal towns. And you think, well if you had taken her you would think that you wouldn't have... you know, why would she only be spotted in those places.

Eamonn Holmes: Well, sometimes it's all very close to home.